Doing something fun

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  • Doing something fun

    This is fun :)

    Apparently I haven't been on the forums since September or something

    Forums aren't fun with an actual community, so that's why

    But maybe that's just because it's an MMO

    Here's how a server-based multiplayer game works

    You create a master list, so US/Canadians go on US servers, Europeans/Russians/Middle Eastern go on EU, and Oceania/Japan/India go on AUS.

    This creates 3 divided communities, not regarding any grudges formed by cancerous players.

    Next, you create an official discord. There's no official discord wtf SBI

    NEXT, you let your player base know that the devs are human by making a personal guild/clan for the devs that participate in community-planned events

    That won't work for an MMO

    Next, you become THD and make sure your playerbase is around 300-500 players by keeping it alive longer than any other game like it

    Next, you simply release vanity DLC that anyone knows where to buy, but this only works with Steam

    apparently SBI is putting Albion on Steam this is good news