Chest logs seem to be bugged?

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  • +1 on this bug report...

    Chest logs are currently UNUSABLE. They report quantities, qualities, enchatment levels and tiers that ARE PLAIN WRONG.

    I've found SO MANY chest logs showing T8.3 gear withdrawn by players where there had NEVER been any of the say 8.3 tier in it.

    Also I deposited a lot of 4.3 stuff in a chest just to find later on that people had withdrawn T4.2 tier for the very same items (even though there were only 4.3 ...).

    We would like to use the chest log to track down things. Right now it's more of a distraction than anything else...

    Could you please ACK that you are aware of this and let us know a possible ETA for a bug fix ?

    Thanks a lot for your comprehension, managing a guild is not easy and I thought the chest logs would help but...
    /Arghun [SMM]