The Nocrone Horde

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  • The Nocrone Horde

    It's time for me to go all-in.

    it's time to reveal YaaYAlbion's hand. :/

    YaaYAlbion is a user name I chose to celebrate this game.

    people know me from the Beta 'troll bridge'.

    other people know me from the many many feedback.

    Gluttony now knows me as the hidden hand behind ARCH. Right Glut? Because I was the hidden hand behind ARCH for several months.

    But I came here from other games, I conquered two half game worlds of the game Grepolis, with the guild/alliance name The Nocrone Horde.

    In the short time that I'm here, I've had the Queen (Queen Virgo) and King (Gluttony) of UO as part of my The Nocrone Horde.
    - - -
    I plan for my The Nocrone Horde to dominate just as much as it did in Grepolis.

    And even though my own 3 characters are the The Norcone Horde's only members so far, (= lol)

    the list of at least alliances whose destruction/downfall I have initiated/or established is quite impressive so far.
    - - -
    I figured this game out, and my idea is not to have members join my guild/alliances.

    How I play this game is, I plan to leave a 'path of destruction' wherever I go around the albion world map. And I will target big/too big Alliances, to destroy them.

    That's my battle plan so far, until more options show themselves.
    - - -
    I play this game mostly on a strategy game lvl, not on a pvp lvl.
    - - -
    I will make another Thread in the forum banter Section where people can leave all their comments. yaay
    Let's Make Albion Legendary. just somerandom

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  • I know owning two half game worlds on Grepolis is quite impressive right?

    and as everyone noticed (haven't you?) in the Bunny Event I 'Nocrone' PKed 2000 Bunnehs per hour.

    but on Counter-Strike Deathmatch I used to PK 3000 Players per day = lol.

    I also played Quake III Arena. In Quake III Arena a Frag Game of 100 PKs takes 10 Mins lol.
    (so there you averagely Frag 10 Players per 1 Minute. )

    There was a time where I played Quake III and Counter-Strike DM 8 hours a day.

    I grew up playing Counter-Strike since it's earliest versions.
    (Plant Bomb&Diffuse/Hostage/Zombie Hordes/Zombie Mods all of it I played way too many times.)

    Left4Dead2 is also a savage PK-action game, that I don't wanna leave out of this list.
    (with some good music on. that game is/was really fun for 'going savage'.)

    I clearly lost count of all my PK/Frag action in the several games.
    Let's Make Albion Legendary. just somerandom