Tier 3 Weapon Feedback

  • Tier 3 Weapon Feedback

    So I just got all weapons from from T3 to T4 by spamming solo expeditions. It took on average either 2.5 T3 expeditions or 1.5 T4 expeditions (using LP) for each weapon. I'd like to give some feedback from my experience as someone who was simply trying to PvE my way from T3 to T4. This is subjective and is not meant to be a highly calculated feedback about balance, just sharing my experience and opinion.

    Mage Weapons

    Fire Staff
    Gameplay: The fire staff basically just deals a lot of damage, the q, w, and e complement each other well with "e" being a good engage tool and w is nice to chunk down hp over time. Single target seems to be less useful in solo expeditions (and other forms of PvE or so I've heard) but the speed at which you can burn down a mob with the firestaff doesn't make it feel useless/gimped for multiple targets, especially because one "q" option - fire bomb - deals AoE damage.

    Aesthetics: The visual effects look nice enough but are nothing special. The sound effects are very unsatisfying however and sounds too "weak". Not sure how else to describe it but the sound effects just don't sound impactful.

    Overall: Nothing special, I didn't love or hate it, I don't think there's anything I'd change other than aesthetics. Fire Bomb has a short AoE range making it sometimes hard to hit and I just went with Fire Bolt a lot of the time instead. Not sure if this makes it "bad" or if I'm just bad at using it.

    Frost Staff
    Gameplay: So this is great for AoE damage. What I enjoyed about this was stacking the "e" and "w" to root multiple enemies in their place with freezing wind (and deal good damage) and then use the frost bomb to chunk down even more. There are two "q" options to being with - a single target with a slow (useless) and one that deals AoE within 3(?) meters. The AoE "q" damage is great. The staff has a higher skillcap than a fire staff and is harder to use. Doesn't deal as much single target damage but it's definitely not gimped for it.

    Aesthetics: Frost Bomb and Freezing Wind both look great but I don't like the sound effects.

    Overall: Can see why it's popular (or was?) for skinning.

    Arcane Staff
    Gameplay: Boring boring boring boring boring. For solo gameplay this makes me want to bang my head against the wall. I understand that this is a utility weapon but it does not need to be so boring! The "w" has two options: either drain energy from the target (useless) or deal some damage and increase damage taken by the target. So I initially tried the energy drain as it synergises with "q" but in solo expeditions at least there's two problems: first is interrupts, secondly it take so long to drain and the scaling of q is so poor it's not worth it. For T3 I don't know why this is here. "e" is useless, it's a knockback and silence with no damage. You just engage with "w" and spam "q" but I can't complain about the damage of w/q because that's actually quite decent. No AoE yet, makes it annoying.

    Aesthetics: Actually more visually pleasing and the sound effects are better than fire or frost staffs. The "e" looks pretty but does nothing.

    Overall: Replace the "e" with something that actually deals damage. If you are a new player who decides to try the arcane staff for the first time, you'll probably get bored instantly and realise you can quite quickly just craft a fire staff instead. I know this weapon is utility/intended for group play but there is 0 group play at T3 so please change to correspond with that - this is true for other weapons as well.

    Holy Staff
    Gameplay: It's a healing staff and I never really did any healing so cannot comment. Spamming "w" to kill is boring but criticising this would not be valid feedback as it's a healing staff not a damage staff.

    Aesthetics: Visual and sound effects are nice, wouldn't change them at all.

    Overall: If group play was more readily available at lower tiers this could be fun. I wouldn't mind playing with a holy staff and healing a group or a partner when we go out farming. However at T3 you are more or less restricted to solo play. If you can get past that hurdle it'll be fun but like the arcane staff I can't see many people choosing to level up the holy staff unless they already know they can go to group dungeons at T4 and plan on doing so.

    Cursed Staff:
    Gameplay: A bit tricky but I actually found it very satisfying to plan every single mob pull. For the T3 expeditions when you attack a group, you can use q->e->q to then switch target and multi-DoT the rest. The q->e->q will kill a non-warrior mob. There are two options for "w" - the beam seems better but is annoying because you can pull mobs from far away accidentally. The damage of this weapon is great, it clearly has a high skill cap and I enjoyed playing it. Cursed beam is less fun/useful as a "w" because you sacrifice mobility and the damage isn't *that* great.

    Aesthetics: Same as holy staff - very satisfying.

    Overall: I think AoE is unlocked a bit later (T4 maybe) but until then, despite being tricky, the weapon's abilities are sufficiently fun that it shouldn't be much of a problem being stuck with single target abilities until then. Also, the cursed staff has better mobility than frost/fire staff due to more instant cast abilities. I'd like to see a life-leech build though, I could see leaching after DoTing multiple targets being very fun.

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  • Hunter Weapons

    Gameplay: The burst is great and really satisfying but the problem is that the cooldowns are really long and you often feel like you're doing 0 damage until these come back up. It works by enhancing your auto attacks which is fine as a mechanic but it is punishing if you have to move - and miss auto attacks. The AoE and single target damage feel very balanced.

    Aesthetics: They're ok, nothing special. I wouldn't change them as they feel appropriate.

    Overall: If the "w" and "e" were on shorter cooldowns I'd be more likely to use a bow build. When these aren't up it feels weak and useless.

    Gameplay: At first I thought this was terrible but actually it grew on me. The damage isn't the best and it is very energy-starving to use. However "empowered slam" has quite a short cooldown, is not a skill shot and deals decent damage against multiple targets. The skeletons in the "Preach to the Dead" expedition could be easily rounded up and dropped like flies. You will stun enemies a lot and this makes you feel quite tanky and makes some mobs easier to deal with by interrupting their skill shots.

    Aesthetics: Really liked the visual and sound effects. They actually make this weapon feel more powerful than it actually is. The animations are also really high quality as well.

    Overall: All the cc comes at a cost. I would use this for solo play as I feel it's a good escape tool or I'd have more chance with a quarterstaff if I was outnumbered.

    Gameplay: Throwing blades is a fun skill-shot, the movement speed makes it really useful in expeditions and I can imagine in PvP as well - although in that case I'd go with dash. The damage of sunder armour - and the increased damage from lowering resistances - is great. This stacks really well with the bleed passive, and the "e" - poison coating" - makes it great for single target damage. This might have been my favourite weapon to use, despite being almost entirely single target, the speed and ease at which the targets drop one at a time is worth the sacrifice in AoE damage. Because everything dies so quickly it's more fun not having to deal with the annoying mob skill shots.

    Aesthetics: Really really nice aesthetically, animations are great, the weapon glow from poison looks stunning, sound effects sound great for a dagger.

    Overall: Fun weapon with a lot of mobility. Because it's auto-attack based and the single target damage is so high it doesn't feel as gimped for multi-target as other weapons. Everything drops like flies.

    Nature Staff
    Gameplay: So I can see the potential here for this to be really overpowered. I didn't enjoy using this because I don't enjoy managing DoT timers. If the poison wasn't AoE I might have just given up. Luckily there's enough of a time window to keep moving, keep poison stacks up and keep yourself at full hp AND energy throughout any fight. However, this is quite difficult to use and requires a lot more concentration than other weapons. Especially because fights are way slower. I could see this being used for AoE: you could round everything up and slowly poison it while healing yourself.

    Aesthetics: Not bad not good. They're fine.

    Overall: I feel like this weapon is really rewarding for someone who is skilled at using it and invests a lot of time and concentration. It's less boring than the holy staff as you have something to do besides "w" spam but is still quite boring for solo play. Get to T4 ASAP and find a group I'd say.

    Gameplay: Lunging Strike and Forest of Spears are both great for one or multiple enemies and are really easy to land. The damage isn't quite as good as daggers but is multi target but it's faster to clear groups than with the quarter staff. Couldn't really find much use for Spirit Spear on my own but that's not to say it's bad. The "e" is quite annoying, I think sometimes you can collide with the "wrong" enemy or land slightly far away and do no damage.

    Aesthetics: Forest of Spears looks amazing. The sound effects are loud enough and makes the weapon sound powerful.

    Overall: Can see myself using this but not as a main build. Only problem is that the "q" increases your autoattack damage, which is fine, but the swing is quite slow and you do most of your damage from abilities so I'm not sure what this weapons is trying to be.
  • Warrior Weapons

    Gameplay: Two interrupts, great damage, some mobility. The sword isn't anything "special" but it was quite fun to use and has a really good toolkit. There's also area damage on the "q".

    Aesthetics: The sound effects are very loud, sound very powerful, exactly what you'd expect from a warrior using swords. The deep red visual of the heroic charge buff really makes your character look and feel like a warrior.

    Overall: This feels really well rounded with a good toolkit. Kill times are slower than with hunter weapons but it is more than tanky enough to compensate at least when wearing plate armour. The two interrupts are great utility against mobs (and likely players too), as well as having great damage.

    Gameplay: Really enjoyed the axe. The "q" deals solid damage and applies a bleed. The "w" charges a very high damage single target ability after a short timer. It's not a skill shot so it's easy to land. The "e" also deals high damage and applies lifesteal. It's a single target weapon with amazing sustain. I can see it being used for an offensive tank build as well as for a solo-DPS build or PvP. All the standard abilities do good damage and the additional effects such as bleeds and lifesteal are tuned enough to feel impactful.

    Aesthetics: Nice animations and visuals but the sound effects weren't *as* good as swords. I'd make them more imposing but otherwise it's satisfying to use.

    Overall: Feels very versatile, is nice for jumping between mob packs. You'll almost never die if you play well enough and don't need to stop and rest too often. The lifesteal and damage provide excellent sustain and kill times.

    Gameplay: The single worst weapon for solo play in this game. I'm not sure what this is doing as a T3 weapon in its current state but it's completely useless in every way. The damage is pathetic and the stun isn't very useful as it's difficult to time when you want it to occur. There is not multi target damage. Your "w" and "e" are both long cd interrupts with also terrible single target damage. This is clearly a main-tank weapon but the buff from "q" does not decrease your damage taken by a noticeable amount. Due to the amount of time it takes to kill mobs, you actually end up taking MORE damage from mobs than with other warrior weapons just because you'll take more hits.

    Aesthetics: Actually looks and sounds amazing and feels powerful, just isn't. The "q" buff visual is nice.

    Overall: Needs a complete redesign. This weapon has nothing going for it at all. It has just very very weak physical single target damage. The "e" needs to be replaced with something that deals damage. The "q" buff should be stacking so you take almost no damage. Redesign it so that you either take very little damage and can slowly AoE down large groups or somewhere in between with higher single target or a small amount of AoE output with much higher damage reduction.

    Gameplay: Very similar to mace but higher damage and the "w" is kinda useful. It's a little bit annoying due to the long cast time but a e->w stun -> damage combo is quite satisfying but does less than expected with a long cooldown.

    Aesthetic: Animation and visual effects are fine, sound effects are terrible. You see the ground break right in front of you but the sound is like a hat dropping to the floor. Please make it louder/more powerful sounding This is a warrior weapon, and a hammer at that!

    Overall: I don't have much to say about this other than I found it slow and "w" just felt a bit lacklustre due to the long cooldown. The AoE effects are nice but it doesn't doesn't appear to shine as a single target or AoE weapon. Again I'm sure this has its place in groups but in T3 there is no group play so it just feels boring

    Gameplay: Hated this at first then learnt how to use it better. So the problem with crossbow is it's quite an immobile weapon as you have long cast times/channels. At least in PvE that amount to just learning the fight mechanics and learning when you have time to fully use your "q" (channeled damage) or "e" (3 second cast high damage to single target). You basically engage with "e", wait for a mob/boss to use a skillshot, interrupt with "w" (knockback) and use whichever of "q" or "e" is off cooldown. The damage is quite good but less than other ranged weapons but it doesn't feel tanky enough to compensate.

    Aesthetics: Looks nice sounds bad. Just doesn't even sound like a crossbow.

    Overall: I can see this having a high skill cap and can understand why some would enjoy it but I found it quite clunky and it's also hard to avoid skillshots when casting. The auto attack damage is bad and most of the time you only have time to auto attack. Basically you have to think about what you're doing a lot. Maybe some find it fun to input twice as much effort for half the reward but I like to just equip a dagger and faceroll PvE mobs

    • Sound effects of ranged weapons are overall unsatisfying
    • Anything with a cast time feels incredibly clunky whenever you need to move/dodge skillshots - you get double punished as you need to interrupt your cast as well as taking longer to move due to the animation
    • There's a lot of great utility and also a lot of useless utility (axe vs mace) in this tier. Axes have great damage and utility, maces have terrible damage and the utility is not worth it. As T3 is for solo play, weapons available at this stage should be designed around that so they are not so boring to use. It's fine to have a low damage high utility weapon but only if the utility is actually useful and compensates
    • The point of T3 is to get to T4, just buff the damage of the low damage weapons and swap some "e's" of the T3 weapons for a higher damage version (perhaps swapped with the T4 variants).