Local Economies - Branch Lore

  • Local Economies - Branch Lore

    Just a thought, with Merlin coming up and improvements to local economies, what about giving each city a core identity:

    Fort Sterling - (snow) -City of Warriors. Bonus to ore refining AND Warrior Line crafting. City revamp: More soldier patrols, barracks, test dummies

    Lymhurst (forest) City of Hunters. Bonus to wood refining AND Hunter line crafting. City revamp: hunters lodges, skinner storefronts, assassin alleys...

    Martlock (swamp) City of Mages. Bonus to fiber refining AND Mage Line crafting. City revamp: fortune tellers, magic shops, arcane schools..

    Bridgewatch (hide) - City of Makers. Bonus to tool/accessory/food crafting. City revamp: toy shops, open air markets, etc..

    As a side note: I think the respective territories should have resources skewed WAY more to the primary, and maybe ONLY have a secondary resource, with no 3rd resource. E.g. Desert areas: 80% Hide and 20% Cotton.