Small List of "wierd stuff"

  • Small List of "wierd stuff"

    Hello there.

    This past weeks i keep seeing weird stuff happening,
    Lets start

    Nº1 Instant Spells going on cooldown without the effect (problably because of the Stand time ?)
    This happens mostly when u get CC'ed or "Feared" at the exact same time u pop your cooldown

    This applies to some Stuff like:
    Royal Shoes/assassin shoes

    Nº2 Fire wall, This ability keeps going full bug mode
    Your character goes agains't the wall like 3 times in a row if u get hit by it

    Nº3 2 man hellgates Out of the map ?
    If you go the far N corner u can go under the map and u can't target ppl there. (i think it happens in all corners)

    Forgot this one look at passives
    With Best Regards

    Nuno "SilentNJ" Jesus

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