Instant cast interrupts

  • There are 2 options and I'm not entirely sure which on it is and if it's intended.

    Option 1) Even if it states instant, most (all?) abilities have something what I would call 'animation delay'. And you can get interrupted during the animation. This could be intended behavior.

    Option 2) Lag + Client Cooldown. This is a really simplified version of what might happen:
    Consider the following condition: You have a ping of 120ms. Which I think should be more-or-less the standard ping for europeans.
    You use the evasive jump, but what your client doesn't know yet: You're already stunned.
    So the client would send a packet to the server and puts the skill (locally) on cd, so even with an additional button press it wouldn't even try to jump.

    Could we please get a verification regarding this topic? This could be a major disadvantage for people with a higher ping.