Under powered Dual-Swords and other dual wielding weaponry

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  • Under powered Dual-Swords and other dual wielding weaponry

    Dual Swords is like the long lost child. Lets start this off by How in the world does clarent have a larger radius then dual swords I understand the sword length in general is longer but something needs to be done about this 4 m radius it's basically trying to land a bulls-eye in darts.
    Next thing is why does two swings of any dual wield only do one damage number. Why couldn't it just divide the base damage it does now so each swing does 70 instead of one big 140 this would allow dual wields to stack the passives faster which could bring life back to certain weapons. Another concern of mine is the "E" on the dual swords is so bad not to mention 3% of the character max health when you land the "E" wow extra 60 damage when people have 2000 hit points not to mention resistances (which is only useful against tanks or taproot users).

    1. "E" on dual swords could be changed or enhanced by the longer you travel the larger the radius of the swords when landing.
    2. "E" the dual swords could knock opponents in the air when jumping in the middle of everyone. (Longer you travel the longer the knock-up)
    3. "E" could also make enemies crippled or bleed and scale on how for you leap from.
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  • One of the coolest changes in my opinion to improve,this-add new "W" spell-Buff that gives you instantly 3 "Q"stack buff for 5 sec.To all NON RELIC weapons(Dual,claymore,broad).In such way this kind of weapons would be able get a new life in OW solo or small groups content.

    Until devs wount make changes to sword's "W" mobility,ill play dagger lane,with 2 different perfect W spells such as free dash,STRONGEST target-range STUN with immune to damage and CC i have ever seen 8o i wount ever return to play swords

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  • Thats the problem they really need to look into giving dual swords some love for what little players left dealing with these D classed weaponry. Besides dual swords all the others are getting left behind also they are basically forgot children of this game. I think the swords E just needs a little enhancement for group play.
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  • They need to do something to make swords less telegraphed in general too. Right now it's too easy to shut a sword user down with purges because Heroic Charges take too long to accumulate, they don't last long enough to actually coordinate their use, and the vast majority of abilities are all melee ranged. Increasing Heroic Charges to 8 seconds in duration and making the W skills also generate a Heroic Charge would go a long way in making them more rewarding to players.

    They also need to find some way to improve the other W skills as it's very rare to find anyone using anything but Splitting Slash. Perhaps if the Heroic Charges increased attack speed in addition to/instead of movement speed more players would use Interrupt at a minimum. Change Iron Will to a group buff and reduce its cooldown may make it attractive. They could also leave its cooldown at 20 seconds but allow it to grant a heroic charge every 2 seconds so a sword player could get stacks another way.

    Finally, and this is a larger issue for bruisers in general, but it would be nice if they make further changes to melee weapons at all, they are done in a way that fit the weapon but may also make them viable in ZvZ, and unfortunately that will likely mean giving more melee weapons ranged E abilities.

    So with all of that said, I'd change dual sword's E ability to basically cross the swords in front of you, and swing them out wide really fast shooting a current of air that is reasonably sized (hoarfrost/wildfire width) at the enemy that did lower end damage (350-450ish). The secondary effect would be more ZvZ focused and would get better the more stacks you had. It could buffet the target with strong winds causing their abilities to cost 20/40/60% more energy for 2/4/6 seconds. Or it could just snare. Anything would work.

    So in summary, if I wanted to make swords horrendously OP, this is what I would do:
    • Increase the duration of Heroic Charges to 8 seconds to add more flexibility in how the E is used.
    • Allow Interrupt and Hamstring to grant a Heroic Charge.
    • Make Iron Will apply the buff to up to 5 allies and reduce its cooldown to 15 seconds, or
    • Make the skill grant a Heroic Charge every second it's active.
    • Change Dual Sword's E skill to a ranged attack that does low end damage but has a rewarding and powerful ZvZ focused component.
      • ie. Sonic Slash: Shoot a Wildfire/Hoarfrost wide blast of air in the specified direction that pierces targets and does XXX damage. Every target hit will have their energy costs increased by 15/30/45/60% for the next 6 seconds.
  • The one handed spear's jump was changed from an AOE jump to a bloodletter style dash, why didn't the duel swords receive a similar change? Maybe to see how it would play out first?

    The biggest problem with jumps is that it is far too easy to dodge roll/block/retaliate.

    Potential changes I think would be cool:

    1 - Inverse style whispering bow skillshot with far shorter range. The closer you are, the more damage done with damage falling off the further out people are hit. Similar to the Undead Generals flying blade attack?
    2 - Keep it as it is, but grant stacks of heroic charge based on number of enemies hit (landing on 3+ enemies, would grant 3 stacks). More use in ZvZ and group combat granting mobility to withdraw/pressure further after landing it.
    3 - Change the animation to have no air travel, instead you spin along a path to your location, damaging enemies along the way (with shorter range? would need balancing)

    For diversity purposes I feel like options 1 and 2 would be the best.

    I've used the dual swords a lot, I love the weapon, but given recent changes I definitely feel like the dual swords need some re-working.
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  • how about both swords deal damage even if both swords are say a X<=30% less damage then a normal sword (more damage because you dont have a shield for defense. right now only the right sword deals damage, maybe bump up the DPS by 2 and do speed bump for every lvl (even if its by .5 every lvl it would be better, duel wielders should be fast with the swords)

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