[University of Albion] is opening her doors!

  • [University of Albion] is opening her doors!

    We are closed until further notice...

    The University of Albion is a self-regulating community, where newer players will find themselves mentors and teachers that will guide them throughout the game. Are you new or you just looking for a casual community? The ‘University of Albion’ has free seats for more enthusiastic players!

    The guild hierarchy
    In the University we have a hierarchy based on your knowledge. As a total newcomer to the game we’ll give you the ‘Student’-rank in the game and our official Discord. This way we make sure that members know what type of player they have in front of them, that way they can help you accordingly.

    Knowledge ranking
    1. Student
    2. Novice
    3. Adapt
    4. Expert
    6. Master
    7. Grandmaster
    8. Elder

    On top of these ranks we have a Mentor and Professor rank. Mentors will provide you will useful link, providing helpful information where professors on top of that give masterclasses and information sessions.

    The exams
    The University of Albion also has exams, of course they are not real huge exams, but more little quizzes (take around 5 minutes). These quizzes will give you an indication of your ‘Knowledge’, and if you have mastered that specific quiz you will be given a higher rank in our Knowledge ranking system.

    A stepping stone
    Everyone who joins the ‘University of Albion’ is figuratively a blank sheet of paper (that is also what the cape represents). We are here to teach you the techniques, the tricks of the trade and provide you with the tools to fill this blank sheet of paper.

    We understand that the ‘University of Albion’ will be a stepping stone for most of the players! At the end of the day we are an University, we are here to help you grow, help you to understand the game and help you to find your niche; we are not here to be competitive whatsoever! Once you found that niche and do you think it’s time to spread your wings? We are only here to encourage you to do so and do what you love!

    Do you like the community? Do you like to stay with us, help others and simply enjoy the game on an extremely casual level? Our doors are wide open, we love to have you with us and our new student will appreciate your knowledge and dedication!

    A self-regulating community
    What does this actually mean, a self-regulating community? We want the community to grow by itself and help each other wherever you can. That is also where our ranking system is based on, we encourage you so seek for the people with a higher knowledge rank, to ask him or her for help.

    Always looking for new Mentors and Professors
    Display Spoiler

    We are always looking for Mentors and Professors to help the guild grow, cover more ground and help more player. (Especially with the Steam release around the corner) What do we expect from Mentors and professors you may ask?

    In General
    • Must be an Elder Graduate (all exams must be passed);
    • Be active, you just login frequently or lurking in Discord;
    • Promote the University in chat every now and then (Tag is copy and paste).
    As a Mentor
    • Willing to answer question in Discord and in-game;
    • Willing to guide new player to give them a better understanding;
    • Invite new players to the guild, give them our Discord link and hand them a rank.
    As a Professor
    • All of the above;
    • Frequently checking the #exam-screenshot chat channel;
    • Give players a new exam when they want to (send link in pm);
    • Give players the rank according to their knowledge.
    Are you interested in becoming a Mentor or Professor and help forge the guild?Join our Official Discord by following this link: discord.gg/kBabBmY and PM Kutweer.

    Are you interested in join us? You are more than welcome! We have no requirements, the only thing we expect, is you having fun and enjoy the game on your own phase. Join our Official Discord by following this link: discord.gg/kBabBmY and contact one of our Professors. They will make sure you get a rank in Discord and in-game.

    ...Community is growing...

    ~ Kutweer

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  • Zetecua wrote:

    Possibly @letwolf , there are non-English languages that have gender association with articles. In German for instance, der is masculine associated, die is feminine associated, and das is neutral. I believe the article in German for university is feminine associated.
    In Portuguese the word University its a female noun, from latim universitāte :) lol what you can read on the net :)
  • I actually like this idea a lot. I'll help train the redzone newbs when steam launches, for I fear they steam release isn't going to be so hot. I want to keep as many people around if I can. If anybody is interested in receiving gvg feedback I'm always free to help . Pm hotstepper in game.
  • This weekend we got many players that obtained a higher knowledge rank; congratulations to all of them!

    Also I would love to welcome: Isaac, Koister, Pixxel, ASA, Kirb, Ranox, Chafox, Majamas, Martin and Stifft to our community! We are happy to have them with us.

    Also, today our first player left the University and embarrassed the harsh and unforgiving Outlands, by joining a Black Zones guild! We are happy that we could help her grow and help understand the basics and advanced knowledge of the game, good luck to her!

    ~ Kutweer
  • @Tasemu

    Right now we are here to answer your questions, help you create your own perfect build, guide you through the game so you understand what you are doing and we strive to have practical meetings such as masterclasses, practices and exercises too. But to actually make the practical part successful we need to have more members to support such thing, but it's definitely something that we are working on behind the curtains.

    ~ Kutweer