[UPDATED] Albion Online is Coming to Steam

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  • [UPDATED] Albion Online is Coming to Steam

    Hello all,

    It's official: Albion Online will soon be coming to Steam for PC, Mac and Linux.

    Why Steam?

    Albion has been coming along nicely in the past months. The Lancelot update has been especially well-received by our community, and we feel the game is now in a great place to open it up to the broader Steam audience in order to build on the steady growth we've seen since the Kay update in December. Bringing in new players will not only make the world feel more alive and populated, but also allow for plenty of new economic opportunities, PvP matches, and social connections to be made. We are looking forward to welcoming those who have been waiting for the game to come to Steam, as well as those that may have never even heard of us, to the world of Albion!

    We'll be announcing the launch date soon, so check back often. Click here to view the Albion Online Steam page - and be sure to follow us on Steam and add the game to your wishlist.

    UPDATE (MARCH 29):

    For an update on the status of the Steam launch and existing Albion Online accounts, please see this post.
  • This is fantastic news, I mainly just play all my games on steam and don't enjoy much having to install a different launcher just to play a game, it will also make the population of albion spike up drastically. Can't wait!

    I do have a question though, will I be able to play it on steam with the account I have now or will I have to re-buy it on steam?

    EDIT : I take it back, this is an awful idea, I already wasted 100$ on this game, theres no way I'm spending more cash to just play it on steam, its absurd.

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  • Awesome news!
    Im pretty sure it will boost player population!

    But how is it going to be for the people who use Steam but already have a separate Albion account? Will we be able to connect the accounts so we can launch Albion from Steam? What about people who have different emails for Steam and Albion?

    Artificial intelligence will never beat natural stupidiy.
  • One more thing,
    In addition to the status of Steam accounts vs. Albion Online accounts that you will have to solve.
    I believe there is something in the game that would be considered a higher priority before trying to move to steam (A negative steam rating by the community can be crucial to the game)

    Taking this into account at least you should try to solve (and indicating only some):
    • The situation of monotony in PvE even if it is with the reactivation of the old dungeons of Beta 1 or create dungeons with multiple entrances and with connection to several maps far apart from each other, just to create greater diversity in the PvE game.
    • Reduce the current paradigm of "capital city" in the game with increasing importance of the other 5 cities both strategic and economic. (I'm waiting for more information about Merlin in relation to future changes)
    • Increase the number of warcamps in the yellow and red zone, so that there is a greater GvG activity in the royal continent.
    • Increase the number of maps in the red zone, even if they are simply by creating smaller maps without territories among the current ones that exist around Caerleon (going from 8 to 16 around the city).
    • The imbalance between the different weapons in the game, because currently only relic weapons are considered "important" for everything in the game whether ZvZ, GvG or even the small PvP, there is no more diversity.
    • Balancing the impact of alliances in the game. Just look at the map to understand that.... something wrong is not right!
    • Other things I don't remember now.
  • PrintsKaspian wrote:

    In order to play Albion Online on Steam you must purchase the game through the Steam store and create a new account. Once you have done this, you can either play on Steam with your new account, or login via an existing account.
    Buy AO one more time to just launch via Steam? No keys for existing players? No authentication via Steam? Really? Lol, no, thanks.
  • I could not care less about releasing it on steam this way. You should give keys to old accounts to link it on steam.

    My problem is not buying a new one, but you are out of your mind if you think I will abandon my old account progress in a grinding game.

    At least add a good anti cheat for this game (everybody knows zoomhack is alive again), because the steam rating will be terrible if you dont do that.
  • If theres no way to link my Albion account to my Steam account, i will be the first person to give Albion a bad review on Steam.

    This not to say that i currently have funds in my Steam Wallet that i would maybe use in Albion but in case the link isnt happening then i wont be able to spend my Steam funds.

    Dear SBI, didnt the latest problematic updates teach you the lesson that if you are going to do something you better do it well?

    Please quit fucking things up ffs.

    Artificial intelligence will never beat natural stupidiy.
  • Would be nice to get a detailed reason as to why they think this game is ready for steam.

    What do they think will happen when it gets mixed reviews (if not worse) on steam?

    Steam is the last place (if not only place) to get a huge amount of players into the game but do the devs think there is enough to keep them or are we going to have what we had the first month of launch?

    I just don't want to see this game go up in player base for 2 weeks to only be hit with tons of negative reviews and back down to where we are now (when we could keep more players if we wait it out just a bit longer). The reason for this is because the game isn't ready for steam players and because the game doesn't help new players enough so those same people will leave miss-guided negative reviews.

    Since the game already has a store page on steam I guess there is no turning back so we are just gonna have to wait a really long time until we get enough content to get the steam players back... (sounds a bit like another game we know)
    Still waiting for a good Market UI update.