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    While i am solo ganking i realised something,that the offscreen names are appear from way to far.
    Which is way to bad.
    I will make a example .
    You are going around with the horse to find someone while he is gathering or fighting mobs,you see the offscreen name,you go back unmount ,walk to hes position,press stealth when you see the offscreen tag you walk about 7m you appear,the enemy see your offsreen tag he gets up to the mount while you haven't see him yet.
    In the End you use your spell of armor and your boots and you may see him on the mount running xD.
    The game have became so friendly to the people that gather ,and that is the reason that only the gatherers have left as solo players.
    To gank easily you need 4 direwolfs 2 double blades one bloodlatter and one range weapon.
    Solo pvp became rare, because of this small things. Offscreen name tags have big range ,to cover that range you use 2 spell while the other guy that wants to run use nothing.
    And in the most cases you will find a bloodlatter with a horn that you will lose him from the screen in 5 sec because of the cd on spells.
    Fix this things or say goodbye to more solo players. Make it hard core for everyone ,force the gatherers to use some armor spell if they want to survive ,not a bloodlatter and wanderlust and you have escape.Atm is hardcore only for the solo gankers players.
    I will try to make some videos to explain futher this matter.
  • Why don't you try fighting people that want to fight and pvp and not catch people off guard or at low health as the level stuff up after fighting mobs.

    Population numbers are down. Do you think it might be because of ganking? I do. Ganking is fun for the gankers, not for the ganked.

    Ganking is not pvp. PVP is looking for good fun fair fights, not be advantageous and attacking people that really would prefer not to fight, which is why they run!
  • Everyone that goes on the black knows that have some chances to die ,you thing that i don't want to find pvp players and to fight them?
    the only thing that i find is or gatherers or gank squads of 3+,because you can't gank solo.
    You see my point or you want to explain it futher?
    Everything is big chain,if you can't gank solo you make group and you hunt down,ofc you having great time hunt around map with direwolfs one gatherer or ganker, thats how you lose people because they are forced to run 3 maps away just to avoid the direwolf gankers,but i prefer to have the option to gank solo and to be rewarding.You will see how was the game when you diden't have to chase 3 map away just to kill one guy,where he will quit the game and the pvp players will lost the interest because of this openworld system.
    The Population that left is the pvp player that were solo.....Not gatherers.
    Still the high fame gatherers are on the game and faming easily every resourse they want :).
  • Try ganking in solo dungeons or some chest hunters outside, why the gatherers anyway. You can barely lift all that stuff they gathered. Killing them is rewarding for a group when somebody can haul the goods back after success, but to gank gatherers solo you have to be some special kind of sadomasochistic person imo.

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