Extracting chest logs are useless and here's why

  • Extracting chest logs are useless and here's why

    I was really hyped about the update in terms of QoL changes, it kinda sucked there was no search function, stuff we had that worked was removed but oh well.

    I've always used spreadsheets to more easily sort data and work with it to get information I need, so extracting chest logs to a spreadsheet would be amazing, except it isn't

    Why the hell, it only extracts 50 entries at a time? To help even more each page displays 16 entries, so even if I had the bandaid fix of "oh just scroll 5 pages and do it again" it doesn't work because I'd be getting double entries and all that.

    Chest logs are great, but still useless because of the entry limit. Is it that much to ask for it to extract whatever you filtered it at? Example: If I filter last 4 weeks, give me all entries for last 4 weeks, not 50 most recent entries.

    Hope this is changed asap, as the feature doesn't help with much at the moment.
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