Gathering Yield doesn't seem to affect fishing

    • Reelix schrieb:

      I have had claims from fellow fishermen in T7 / T8 fishing gear and high (50+) Fishing Expertise that they have managed to catch a third fish in the Underway. It might be a lower chance, but it's still apparently possible.

      Note that Premium does not seem to alter fishing gain.
      Premium definitely affects fishing - even in the underway. With and without gear in the underway I get the same amount of fish per hour.
    • After extensive testing (And many, many, many deaths), I have concluded (Like many others) that the Underway yields less fish than a Black Zone.

      Fishing: 64
      Spec: 31
      Gear: Full T7 + T7 Rod (Wait till 10/10/10 before fishing)

      Underway: I am unable to ever get a third fish
      In Mercia I get a 3rd fish every 2nd or 3rd cast.

      These results are consistent, and the results are repeatable (Black Zone (Till 5th 3rd fish caught) -> Underway (Till 20 fish-based casts) -> Black Zone -> Underway -> Black Zone -> Underway -> Black Zone -> Underway -> Black Zone -> Underway)

      In all 20 fish-received casts in the Underway I never receive a 3rd fish (Or even a third Seaweed), and in Mercia I always receive my 5th 3rd fish within the first 20 casts, and occasionally get 3 Seaweed

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