Market Seeding

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    • Market Seeding

      I'd love to play around and test the new relics on the test server. However, there are no relics or siphoned energy on the market, and the artifacts to make them are absent as well. In order to test things, I'd have to farm for hours to get 36 relics, and then I might not even get anything useful- no thank you! So the end result is you'll be getting no feedback from me- I don't have the time to farm endlessly on a test server or the money to buy out the market of siphoned energy.

      Why aren't things seeded on the market in infinite quantities for 100 silver, or otherwise provided for testers' use? Yes, some people will just muck around with builds and provide no useful feedback, but there's very little cost to seeding the test server and a lot of feedback to gain.