Delayed Teleport and Hit & Run/Cleanse

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    • Delayed Teleport and Hit & Run/Cleanse

      Hello! I'm posting about 3 bugs that I found on the test server.

      1. Delayed Teleport on Mage Sandals now interrupts all casts and channels whereas on the live server it works as intended.

      2. The Hit & Run passive in the Nature weapon line has a bug that is present on the live server as well. When you apply a cleanse to yourself as your 4th spell cast it removes the built up stacks towards Hit & Run and doesn't give the 20% run speed bonus.

      3. I didn't check Frost Shield on the latest update of the test server, so forgive me if this is already fixed. But when I last checked the slow it is supposed to apply doesn't occur. *edit* Nevermind didn't know it was fixed already *edit*


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