Spectral run from specter shoes

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    • Spectral run from specter shoes

      You should be stealthed 24,5s

      During the boots effect you can't take a potion / your MP regeneration ins't working
      I tried them with different stuff
      280max mp => 33 tick to be out of MP (17s) (no secret eyes)
      355max mp => 30 tick to be out of MP (15,5s) (with a secret eyes)

      I made other tests (without cape or gear) and the stealth time was always between 17s and 15s.

      To give an idea it means that the MP consumption per tick is arround 2.85% and 3.1% ... hence prolly 3% instead of 2% that's stated in the description. (value seems round up cause every time it's the same amount of MP that's reduced)
      And it's not stated that you're MP consumption is not working during the time you're using your boot)
    • Seems like very broken skill. Maybe i'm wrong, but it should:
      1) Work for: 100% energy / 4% energy per second = 25 seconds, as it was mentioned already.
      2) Energy regen should work properly. It's about 1,5-1,7% energy per second. Counting that, you should be able to stealth for atleast 40 second total or more.
      3) Skill can't be canceled by other skill use, wich is not convinient. You cant do something immideatly from stealth, like from Ambush, for example. You have to cancel F first, and then start to cast whatewer you want.

      Right now it is a useless skill with really misleading description.