How to Fish!

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  • Sayahh wrote:

    Eron wrote:

    So I didn't see this anywhere (Im sure I missed it).

    1. Place/have a rod in inventory
    2. right-click (and hold) out in water - the longer you hold the further the cast. Don't cast too far!
    3. note: You are not required to cast in the circle to catch (at first), but at higher tiers it will matter (thanks Rosalia!)
    4. when the bobber goes under water or moves, right-click to start reeling: MINI GAME
    5. MINI GAME: right-click+hold to move the indicator to the right inside the bar, or release to let the indicator fall left. Alternate click+hold/release/click+hold/etc.. to keep that indicator in the GREEN zone of the bar until the fish makes it all the way to the right.
    6. If you are successful, you will catch something!

    Please update that "right-click to start reeling." It is left click, and I did not know that, because I read this post, and EVERYTIME I was right-clicking, my toon kept moving, and I was going crazy. Turns out, you have to left click, and then keep left clicking as the bar moves.
    This post is from when fishing wasnt even implemented yet dude...