Albion's ill-adventures

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  • Albion's ill-adventures

    Here is the Chronicle for Albion's many ill-adventures.

    The chronicle about 'the solo rambo warrior' among us, who thought themselves capable of rush-rushing a t8 hellgate on their own, but couldn't.

    I bet you know this person and this bit is dedicated, precisely to that person.

    for, ain't that person within all of us?
    Let's Make Albion Legendary. just somerandom
  • Here is that first story of ill-adventure.

    There was this person, who reached albion's shores.

    The hooves of the 'fresh-new-shiny founder pack donkey' have barely touched albion's ground or rush-rush the highly-motivated adventurer goes from resource to resource.

    Lvling tiers as a true champ.

    that 'new new donkey' really shows it's worth when out-sprint-sprinting those other newbie noobs.

    Really, it didn't take the 'donkey warrior' with all the 'way-too awesome' fancy gear long to reach that moment of glory and fame.

    Only a few hours were spent until t4 stuff was reached.

    This meant, "haha pvp carnage rampage adventure time!!"

    And so 'rambo the donkey knight' rush-rushed in full-gallop towards the Caerleon Black Zone Portal.

    For a moment, while deciding which Black Zone destination to pick, the donkey knight's brains were activated. The person's brains said "Hmm, would it really be a good idea to rush-rush with my shiny founder pack stuff into the Black Zone 'Portal Raptor' Zone of Total Carnage?" :thinking:

    The person said.. "hah I'm Rambo the Donkey Knight in t4 way-too-awesome stuff, what can happen to me? right?"

    And so the person picked 'Circling Vultures' as their 'desired destination'. The person happened to be 'a really big fan' of 'scavenger birds' or something :thinking:

    'With dreams about scavenger birds' in the head, the 'brave donkey knight' set out from GLM Portal towards Circling Vultures.

    That would definitely have been a 'very awesome' 'sightseeing trip' indeed.

    But then fate put a group of 180 Arch Portal Raptors between GLM Portal and them sweet 'scavenger birds'.

    After the Arch Portal Raptors were finished with the 'brave donkey knight', the Circling Scavenger Birds instead played dirty and made a 'sightseeing trip' of their own, towards the remains of the fully looted/trashed donkey warrior rambo.

    Does anyone recognize themselves in this true-happened story? How can anyone not recognize themselves in this story, is the better question :thinking:

    Until next-time and the next ain't we all this ill-advised adventurer true-happened epic tale, of greatness.
    Let's Make Albion Legendary. just somerandom
  • 'travelling in albion', definitely fits with albion's many 'ill-adventures'.

    all the raids, ambushes, blockades.

    my assumption is, with all evil that Morgana has caused for the people of Albion,

    I give it big chance that Morgana's 'biggest spell of great evil' is the absence of something called, 'an airplane' or 'a cargo plane'.

    think about the benefits of 'a cargo plane' in a game as this one, and still it hasn't been invented, with all the magic in the world.

    I call, evil works are at work here. :huh: :thinking:
    Let's Make Albion Legendary. just somerandom
  • somerandom fisherman.

    this ill-adventure is about, a nobody really, just somerandom fisherman.

    the fisherman fished and fished, until got bored. Then stopped fishing.

    The end.
    - - -
    this may not be one of the most-epic fairy tales, but pretty sure this fits into the ain't we all this ill-advised adventurer true-happened (epic) tale, of greatness.

    alright then.

    this ain't all what happened, the real reason why the fisherman stopped fishing was, laser sharks.

    but who would believe the fisherman's tale about 'laser sharks' back at home? indeed. none. nobody, so better stick with the 'got bored' story. or you will get 'weird/strange faces'.

    the reason though why the fisherman stopped fishing may surprise you though. No, the laser sharks didn't eat the fisherman, the fisherman just simply refused to play a role in such a ridiculous fairy tale.

    the fisherman didn't think that 'laser sharks' would fit with the setting of the scene of albion.

    now here comes the plot twist.

    the laser sharks agreed with the fisherman and so they the laser sharks themselves left the scene.

    now then why didn't the fisherman return to his fishing spot you say? all good no?

    good point. but no, not all good.

    the fisherman intended to return to his fishing spot, but first he wanted to 'thank' the 'laser sharks', as a true gentleman does.

    but then it happened.

    while the fisherman was 'thankfully' padding a laser shark 'on the shoulder', the laser chopped off the hand of the man.

    The laser shark really didn't intend to, so in shock the shark turned its head to the fisherman to apologize. As the laser shark looked at the fisherman, he just witnessed how the laser on his back chopped off the head of the fisherman. "oh damnn. I seriously hate that that happened. simply forgotten that."

    That was the moment for the laser shark to put his head in his hands and truly be ashamed of himself, fortunately for him though that he's got no hands.

    and there goes somerandom fisherman story to it's conclusion.

    the real end.

    no really it is.
    Let's Make Albion Legendary. just somerandom
  • and so on letwolf's request.

    about them evil bunnehs (= bunnies)

    click a stone resource (can't there is a bunny behind it)

    click your mount (can't there is a bunny behind it)

    go 'stealthy rambo ninja' through them mobs (can't because a bunneh is making you auto-attack, ruining the whole stealthy bit)

    reach safety from zvz blobs of total annihilation, to escape the total annihilation (can't because an unintended 'bunneh miss-click' denied your entry of the "yaay safety" exit portal. )

    so about them bunnehs, haven't we all had ill-adventure experiences with them evil bunnehs? (again, bunnehs == bunnies)
    Let's Make Albion Legendary. just somerandom
  • 300% over inventory weight limit.

    so, you go around with that fancy ox.

    you get them stones, you get them woods.

    you have a lucky gathering day, all that free ore is waiting for you, just for you. hah

    a few hours of fine gathering later, some mob decides to be a 'really funny guy' and pushes you out of 'the ox zone'.

    so now your ox is gone, on a stampede towards 'who knows where' and you stand there with a red red (very red) inventory weight limit.

    indeed, you read 300% overweight.

    your current run speed is 'one mile per day'.

    a group of mobs is 'brutally savaging' your character and yea so, you have no way of avoiding losing your entire 300% overweight inventory.

    this is definitely one of albion's many ill-adventures.
    Let's Make Albion Legendary. just somerandom