Zerging in PvP

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  • Zerging in PvP

    In open world PvP in Albion Online, as in real world warfare, numbers matter.

    However, if fights are decided by numbers only, this makes for a poor game experience.

    We have the following game mechanics to reduce the advantage of larger numbers in PvP

    Already implemented and subject to fine tuning
    • Focus Fire/Focus Healing reduction: we already have a system in place that reduces the effectiveness of focus fire and focus healing by reducing the damage / healing the target receives if being damaged / healed by a large number of players at the same time.
    • Cap on AoE Healing: All AoE healing spells have a cap on the maximum number of players that they can heal
    • No Cap on AoE Damage: AoE damage spells do not have a cap on how many players they can damage at the same time.
    • Escaling AoE Spells: We will have AoE spells that do more harm to each player the more players are hit. To illustrate the principle, if you hit 3 players with a meteor, each of them could take 300 damage. If you hit 6, each of them could take 600 damage. (with a cap somewhere of course). This principle can be applied to different spells, such as crowd control, damage or debuffs.
    Not feasible
    • Cap on group/guild/alliance size: The idea is to have a soft or hard cap on group/guild/alliance size, and give a debuff if the soft cap is exceeded or just have a hard cap that cannot be exceeded. This would not solve the issues, as there is an easy work around. A group/guild/alliance would just split up into different groups/guilds/alliances that "formally" have nothing to do with each other, but de facto still play together.
    • Cap on number of players allowed to enter a zone: This is not feasible as it would allow a group of players to effectively "block" zone of, allowing no one else to enter. We will likely still have a soft cap for technical reasons, but it would not solve the PvP zerging issue.
    Under consideration
    • Smart Algorithm to determine "real" group size: an algorithm that, based on actual player behaviour, determines who is de facto playing together with whom. So if two unrelated guilds attack the same enemy, but do not fight each other, for that fight, they would be regared as allies. If the total group size exceeds the soft cap, there could be a debuff. Or, if guild A attacks guild B and gets healed/buffed by guild C, guild C would be considered as allies of guild A for that fight. Developing such an algorithm that is mathematically sounds and technologically feasible is a huge challenge might not be possible. We are looking into it however.
    • Soft rules: In the real world, many games need a referee. An emergency solution for Albion Online could be to have a soft cap for group/guild/alliance size in place and have a rule that states that you are not allowed to use artifical work-arounds. This would then have to be policed by game masters and penalized if broken.