[Service] Farm Management

  • [Service] Farm Management


    I’m HappyDoe, I started recently Albion Online and I’m interested in managing many farms. Such a project used to be carried out by Ahlong, few months ago.

    So, do you have farms that you don’t use on your main character or your alt character ? Or don’t you have the time to manage your own farms ?

    Don’t hesitate : RENT your farms to me !

    What are the conditions required ?

    • You should have at least 3 farms on your island.

    • It is better if you let me manage all the farms located on the island.
    Further details :

    • Payment will be a ratio of the resources harvested.
    Example: It means around 35 to 40 carrots per farm each day (worth around 8000 silvers)

    • Payment/delivery will occurred on a daily basis and ressources will be dropped in a chest. (You need to set me up as a supplier of the chest)
    There are 2 phases to start this cooperation :

    • Phase 1 :
    PM me on this forum with the following :

    1. Character’s name.
    2. The city where the island is located.
    3. Number of farm plots available.
    4. Add my farmer HappyDoe to your island access rights as a VISITOR (and BUILDER if you want me to raze or rebuild farms)
    5. Add my farmer HappyDoe to all or part of your farm plots.

    • Phase 2 :
    1. After I received your mail, visited your island’s farms and that we both concur with all the conditions, I’ll had you to my service’s customers list.
    2. I’ll start to manage your farms everyday.
    3. I’ll drop everyday half of the harvest in the dedicated chest.

    • Phase 3:
    1. If you want me to stop managing your farms, you send me a MP online and on this forum, to be sure that you want to stop it.
    Sincerely yours,


    EDIT 1 : Service started yesterday with around 46 farms plots managed.

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