Fight Club of Albion

  • Fight Club of Albion


    We offer UFC style events weekly, where duelers join our roster and earn stats as well as W-L records. Fighters are paid win or lose to fight in our streamed events. Pay rate is determined by our very unique ranking system, so as you climb ranks to become Champion your pay also increases. We also offer weekly bracket tournaments for a chance to earn silver and climb rank. We offer high tier and low tier rosters so anybody 1000 IP or less will be placed in low tier and still be able to enjoy our system. We like to think of them as weightclasses. Don’t like to duel? That’s cool we offer other opportunities to have fun different ways in game by giving “gamblers insurance” to people who purely like to show up to bet on your favorite duelist. Any bet you make with another person 50k or below is covered. JOIN OUR DISCORD TO GET STARTED!!

    Rules and Ranking system listed below:


    -ALWAYS best 2 out of 3
    -No poison pots or invisibilities pots
    -Players are allowed to swap out their skills before their duel.
    -In the low bracket a duelist's average item power may never exceed 1000, if they switch in the middle of a duel, they will be disqualified.
    -Duels are to last no more than 120 seconds in the main bracket, a referee will provide a countdown, after which the player with the highest damage dealt will be awarded a tko.
    -Gambling is encouraged and we will offer a chat for gamblers to place bets. NO BOOKIE so all bets must be held on a man to man basis.
    -No bets higher than 50k, that way if you get screwed we will be able to ban the thief and pay you your winnings.
    -You must be registered on our roster in order to take place in our events.
    -Simply PM me your avg item power as well as 2 weapon lines you plan to use for the month. ie. "Dagger/Hammer avg 1200"
    -Discord name must match in-game name
    -Everybody must add me (R2cents) to friends list in-game to acquire access to our arena

    **Ranking and Stats**

    **Champion of Albion** - (1 champion will be crowned for both Tiers)
    **Contender** - (1 win at Contender will put you in place for a title fight)
    **Rising Star** (2 wins at Rising Star will raise you to Contender)
    **Veteran** - (2 wins at Veteran will raise you to Rising Star)
    **Rookie** - (2 wins at Rookie will raise you to Veteran)

    **At any point you lose 2 CONSECUTIVE fights you will drop 1 rank**

    **As CONTENDER and CHAMPION rank will drop after 1 loss**

    **Only your FIRST FIGHT during Wednesday tournaments will count towards your Rank**

    **Your FIRST FIGHT of the night during Wednesdays tournament will also effect your W-L record**