SINGAPORE GMT+8 player Mudabitch

    • SINGAPORE GMT+8 player Mudabitch

      Brief Introduction: a 1.5-2 weeks old Singapore player who is into healing in this game and Looking for more SG or GMT +8 players to play together! or even other timezone players!

      IGN : mudabitch
      Discord: mudabitch#5924

      Current Progress


      Main : 5.1 1H-Holy <-- hoping to main the redemption staff one day in the future but the price of this staff give me cancer when i check the AH and I like wildstaff too but too many things to focus so i dropped it.
      Off : 5.1 Great Holy <-- may pick up the curse path as off DPS spec
      Guild : [CHI]GRYPHON <-- i f*cking love my guild mates they are freaking awesome!
      Current Capital : Fort Sterling


      Gathering: T4 Skinning and T4 Minning
      Craft :T2/3 or N/A (planning to craft staffs and tomes especially the holy line)

      Things i learned via hard way(no pain no gain) and soft ways(reading guides and asking players)/my experiences(testing + trial and error and how I wish someone told me this earlier when im a total newbie:

      - not your standard MMORPG style (Personal Opinion: a more in-depth Runescape like MMO or a WoW-like MMO + MOBA (LOL , DOTA 2) Battle style
      - felt overwhelmed as there is too much stuff to do if you literally WANT TO DO EVERYTHING (use every weapon , gather every resources and craft literally everything) <-- if you are self sufficient , you gonna lose out lots of time and the fun of working together with your friends and guild.
      - If u have a life like me( need to work, feed your pets, in a relationship and other hobbies ) just pick 1 or 2 paths(like a main and off spec) from each group (1-2 combat and weapon , craft 1 -2 type item or equipment and gathering 1-2 type of resources) to focus on.

      - took me almost a week of testing before i decided to do healing (tried some melee dps , tank, range dps gathering blah blah blah)
      - fame = experiences
      - Dying to PVP ( getting ganked in open world is normal ! just come back stronger and smarter!)<-- if u venture to full pvp red and black (curiosity really does kill the cat but meh cats have 9 lives so... YOLO)

      - Tier 1-3 is more like a test/grasp of what you want to do in this game before venturing further (Dont be afraid to try everything till T3 pick a few style/set up to T4! to test! (combat,gathering and crafting)
      - don't try to be a solo player as its will be way more efficient to run with groups or join a guild to learn about the game <--- all the fun stuff starts when you run content with group and guild)
      - there is no wrong choices in this game (etc I play melee and realize its not my thing and need to re-roll) <--- no you do not need to re-roll period.

      - learn about the maps, zones, game function , hotkey * important*
      - this game can be brutal for newbie (getting kill by players or even just trying to tier up your gathering<-- really hate it but a good option to turn to when you just want to mindlessly(T1-4) do something or take a break from the combat)
      - if you are a premium user ( dun spend your LP like its free and you will thank me later. try to save it for T4 or even T5 on wards. and when you know(or maybe for now) what you wanna do in this game <--- dont spend your LP on stuff when you are still doing testing
      - don't know anything? <-google/check forum and ASKED


      - don't be rude , if you are a veteran mmo player and super pro in your previous mmo, you can be a total newb in this game and get REKT. this game runs on the players itself literally and more enemies is gonna make your life harder. end game pve is also the FULL PVP ZONE(blackzone) #simple.

      - dont be shy/afraid to pop question to strangers , post threads on forum. you will be surprised how friendly everyone can be.


      This is not a guide , its my way of introducing myself and my seriousness and sincerity for playing this game and wanting to know more people!( contribute something back to the community as well)

      Do hit me up on discord if you wish to play together!! CHEERS and may the odds ever be in your favor!

      Disclaimer* this is not a guide! its my own sharing and sharing!