Upgrade party UI for healers

  • Upgrade party UI for healers

    In another game, the health bar on Party UI changes color based on the members' health %.
    For example, in most games, HP > 70% will have Green bar, 40-69% will be Yellow and below 40% will have Red.
    In our game, we only have Red bar for all the time.
    It's really hard for healers to see in big fights with lots of things going on.
    And please make mana bar relatively small compared to health bar, party members rarely watch another member's mana on the Party's UI.
    Can we implement some highlight in health bar in Party UI in the next big update ?

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  • As a fellow healer I always praise UI improvements :)

    Here are some thing I would love to see changes/added
    - As you said @Gugusteh I would love to see roles! Same as we have right now in Expeditions;
    - I like the recoloring from the healing bar as you stated @tarnator;
    - For me a bigger health bar would be perfect, maybe even with their total health or percentage of their health.

    Overall same thoughts I have as you guys!

    ~ Kutweer
  • Hey @tarnator and everyone else!

    So, as said in another post: with Lancelot we're touching the Party/Raid UI. We're actually changing some of the things you people requested in this thread but not all of them (yet ;)).
    The new party/raid UI will be able to be moved around the screen as a whole (not individual party members!). You will be able to sort the individual members inside the UI. That means you can move Bob's entry to the top of the list even if he joined last. The health portions will be bigger compared to the energy part.
    What we won't be able to provide with launch of Lancelot is the role icons, but we currently plan to put in an automatic role icon assignment based on gear (like in expeditions) with a patch after Lancelot release (maybe 2 weeks later for example).
    The rescaling is unlikely to happen anytime soon. There's so much else to do before we get to that.
    Changing the health color bars based on current percentage could be added at a later point as well, but for now I added to my list of things to think about. Some insight of what we'd have to care of when doing that: We'd need to find a visually fitting color palette. Also the player names have to be readable on any of these colors and so on before we actually do it. With these things it's always important to maintain clear visual readability while not grabbing the attention of people that don't need that information (damage dealers for example).
    Unlike @Rosalia stated (while I certainly appreciate it :D) I'm not doing gods work but rather the whole team tries to do their best ;)
    Lenghty post, but I hope you all liked what you have read. Any feedback/comments on this topic are appreciated! :)

    - Lino
  • Hi @H4n1baL,
    Thanks for fast response. And since everyone's here, just one more thing.
    Could we have some special icon for party leader ( aka shotcaller)?
    In big fights, the acknowledge of shotcaller's position in the field is extremely crucial. Party's members hardly spot their leaders in intense combat; therefore, when people hear "Come here/Move this way/Follow me", it can take a few seconds to notice his/her actual position on the field.
    Could we change the party's leader's nametag to a noticeable version? The person can have a bigger nametag (?), special icon on top of the character, a distinguished color or a unique nametag design whenever that person has the party's lead.
  • maybe an option to switch between party members with the scroll on your mouse ? or another hotkeys that can be changed to that :D And option to adjust the speed of scrolling from one party member to another ?

    Also an option to set target priority in a way that you will heal the closest ally in a small radius around your mouse pointer instead of the last selected member. For small groups selecting ppl via hotkey is easy and healers will want that to be a priority but for bigger fights expecially when you try to heal someone in the mix of enemies who isnt even at your party you need to have this "closest ally in a small radius around your mouse pointer" targeting option.

    Maybe even (for those who will find it handy) auto target switch to the person with lowest hp or idk...
    Thing is that Healing in big groups for just 1 specific RANDOM party member who just took a lot of dmg is sometimes hard. Especially in a situation where multiple ppl drop low and if you are able to target them properly and fast you should be able to save them, but since you cant some of them will die. Moving your mouse from the middle of the screen to the left corner over and over again is wasting time. I know you added all 20 hotkeys but lets be honest for some numbers lets see between 5 and 8 and after 13-14 until 18 u can easily misjudge the correct hotkey.
    So I guess a needed suggestion is also marking all party members with their respectable hotkey if nothing else can be done this also can be helpful. With an option to turn those "numbers" on and off ofc :)

  • As a healer, I'd also like to request the changing of health bar colors at certain percentages (IE: 5% health remaining deep red -> 100% green). Another thing to consider would to have the bar slightly grey'ed out if they are out of your spell casting range currently versus full color if they are within your casting radius.

    If not a part of the standard UI settings, I would turn these on if they were offered as options in the game settings.
  • As a dedicated healer, I would love to have :
    - switching between an enemy target and a friendly shouldn't require anything but what spell is cast, so if I do my gen heal, last friendly target selected should be healed, if I cast smite it should cast on the last selected enemy target, otherwise I should auto attack said enemy, this would need to be switched on and off though through settings.
    -better highlighting of friendly character whom I've targeted on screen, have them glow slightly and have the ability to scroll through party list.
    -easier to select character on screen without missing and walking towards said character, this should be for both friendly and enemies. Too many times I went to select a mob and instead walked over to him to shake his hand.