[UPDATE] Testserver Patch Notes - Kay Patch #4

    • BRiCK schrieb:

      You would be amazed by what a simple buff to the output of Q would do. The only reason its no longer Meta was because of the nerf to the healing output. Yes, it struggled against comps with purge but teams skilled with nature staves could still adapt and win.
      t4 should heal 90 at 3 stacks, t5 should be 95, t6 should be 100, t7 should be 105, and t8 should be 110. That should be the BASE healing output of the Q stacks (at 3 stacks with a Mage Robe on for 50% bonus). Then it should scale with Item power/specializations from there. That simple buff would put Nature back in action. I'd bet my account on it
      well again, my suggestions are personal, and could be biased towards personal play styles or so. the simplest solution would of course be by increasing healing output, i only play heals when it was needed by a team lacking it, yet i consider nature mechanics a bit harder than holy, as it comes to stacking Q and mana management sometimes. as you would bet your account on words then i must consider you are more experienced on using nature staff then i do, i do appreciated your comments on my suggestions, but again, i am not looking for an argument nor care to make a bet, i am more of on the side of giving out with a feedback that there must be some kind of change that needs to be done on nature stuff to bring it back to meta, as holy being pretty much the only viable in comparison healing stuff on gvg/hgs currently, the details, would of course be the developer's work.