[SOLVED] Battle Mounts in Duels

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  • [SOLVED] Battle Mounts in Duels

    This exploit has been fixed as of Kay Patch #3 / Ver. 1.10.351 - REV 109546 / 1 February 2018:
    Fixed a bug where mounting action was not canceled at the start of a duel

    Hey everyone,

    There is currently a bug in the game that lets you use a Battle Mount during a duel. Please note that this is considered an exploit and will be sanctioned as such. If you are a victim of this exploit, please send video footage of the duel in question to support@albiononline.com

    Developers are working on this and the bug should be fixed shortly. In the meanwhile, I suggest that you are extra cautious when accepting duels, and I recommend that you inspect your opponent's gear right before accepting it, and decline the duel if they have one of the three Battle Mounts equipped: