Guide: What order to level items in to get the most specialization for your time

    • Guide: What order to level items in to get the most specialization for your time

      ****EDIT**** This list is incorrect since the patch that changed fame numbers.

      The patch in question made it faster to fame up at lower tiers and slower to fame up at the highest tiers. So as of now, the list is not entirely accurate.
      It should still provide some valuable insight for those that want to min/max their time, however.

      When you reach higher levels of specialist, you're actually better off levelling one of the other items in the family for a bit. This is a couple of lists of when to level what if you want to max out your specialization gain per hour invested.

      I know that people aren't going to want to follow this guide 100%. But a list like this can give people a quick overview so they can estimate when to level something else.

      "Levelling a non-artifact item"

      0-82Main weapon
      0-5The 2 non-artifact offspec weapons
      82-87Main weapon
      5-10The 2 non-artifact offspec weapons
      87-92Main weapon
      10-15The 2 non-artifact offspec weapons
      92-97Main weapon
      15-20The 2 non-artifact offspec weapons
      97-100Main weapon
      20-40The 2 non-artifact offspec weapons
      0-5Artifact weapon
      40-45The 2 non-artifact offspec weapons
      5-6Artifact weapon
      45-50The 2 non-artifact offspec weapons
      6-15Artifact weapon
      50-55The 2 non-artifact offspec weapons
      15-20Artifact weapon
      55-60The 2 non-artifact offspec weapons
      20-25Artifact weapon
      60-65The 2 non-artifact offspec weapons
      25-30Artifact weapon
      65-70The 2 non-artifact offspec weapons
      30-35Artifact weapon
      70-75The 2 non-artifact offspec weapons
      35-40Artifact Weapon
      75-80The 2 non-artifact offspec weapons
      40-45Artifact Weapon
      80-85The 2 non-artifact offspec weapons
      45-50Artifact Weapon
      85-90The 2 non-artifact offspec weapons
      50-55Artifact Weapon
      90-95The 2 non-artifact offspec weapons
      55-60Artifact Weapon
      95-100The 2 non-artifact offspec weapons
      60-100Artifact Weapon

      "Levelling an artifact item"

      0-44Artifact weapon
      0-5The 3 non-artifact weapons
      44-49Artifact weapon
      5-10The 3 non-artifact weapons
      49-54Artifact weapon
      10-15The 3 non-artifact weapons
      54-59Artifact weapon
      15-20The 3 non-artifact weapons
      59-64Artifact weapon
      20-25The 3 non-artifact weapons
      64-69Artifact weapon
      25-30The 3 non-artifact weapons
      69-74Artifact weapon
      30-35The 3 non-artifact weapons
      74-79Artifact weapon
      35-40The 3 non-artifact weapons
      79-84Artifact weapon
      40-45The 3 non-artifact weapons
      84-89Artifact weapon
      45-50The 3 non-artifact weapons
      89-94Artifact weapon
      50-55The 3 non-artifact weapons
      94-99Artifact weapon
      55-60The 3 non-artifact weapons
      99-100Artifact weapon
      60-100The 3 non-artifact weapons

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    • Turns out the numbers are the exact same for all items.

      The only thing that changes is the LP cost. The fame cost is the same across the board.

      I'm not sure if we need a list that sorts by how much specialization we get per LP. For now, I'll leave this list as it is. Just be aware that it only applies to you if you're hard-grinding and not using LP. If you're using LP, my list might not apply to you.
    • SHARKY wrote:

      Just found this guide. Thank you @Stravanov

      This may be a dumb question, but do the figures still apply if I'm using Fame Credits towards levelling?
      Since I made this thread, the fame values were changed.
      I think there was a patch that made it easier to fame up at lower tiers and harder to fame up at higher tiers.
      So the numbers are incorrect and need to be ajusted for that patch.
      I'll edit the OP to make this clear.

      If the numbers were correct, then it would be the same for applying fame credits.
    • Cashimir wrote:

      Is there an updated version of this guide available anywhere? I saw a similar guide on reddit a month ago or so but can't seem to find it any longer.
      I don't know.

      I can easily make a new one if someone knows of a database that has updated numbers.

      My sheet was based on numbers from

      I'm not sure if they updated the numbers by now. Maybe one of you guys can log into the game and test the fame numbers on the website against what the game tells you (I don't have the game installed any longer).