New Arcane Changes

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    • New Arcane Changes

      I ran some tests on test server for the arcane.

      I found to like the majority of the changes except for the new Energy Bolt Q spell. I find this spell to be very underwhelming for several reasons.

      1) The damage it deals on a high mana target is painfully low (almost every pve mob has full mana at all times, meaning that it will almost always deal minimum damage in these scenarios. I feel as if my damage was reduced significantly in solo play even with the new frazzle)

      2) This spell is located on the same slot as the shield spell so we can no longer deal dps and shield at the same time which effectively completely changes the role of this class for some people like myself who played it as a defensive support/dps in light armor. Instead of being a more defensive support/dps we are now forced to play as an offensive support/dps (energy bolt, frazzle) or full support with no next to no dps (shield, frazzle) in which case heavy armor would most likely be superior with the full support build. This was the most upsetting change for me personally.

      3) The range of the spells are 9 meters. Compared to the Fire staff and the Frost staff that have cast able Q spells with 1 second cast times they are 11 meter range. Putting the arcane staff closer to danger and harder to position properly because of longer cast times. (arcane is 1.2 seconds for energy bolt and 1.5 seconds for frazzle, making it a slower cast time and dealing significantly lower damage)

      I can't help but feel as if my class of a light armor arcane user was completely shafted by these changes. For a class that didn't have many players to begin with and is mostly thought to be underwhelming already, why take away their unique play style and almost force a curse staff role onto it? I don't suspect that this class will be chosen over a curse mage in most 5v5 compositions as they seem largely inferior because of the longer cast times and low damage. Maybe some cheesy burst comps may be able to utilize the new frazzle spell but I believe the new Q spell for the arcane, the low cast ranges, and the long cast times ultimately drag down its potential.

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    • It almost feels like the current frazzle was taken and split into two different spells. The debuff part of the spell was buffed and the dps spell was nerfed to the ground.

      And because we now have to use two slots on our weapon to do what the old frazzle did on a single slot, that means we can no longer shield while spamming a dps spell.

      I dislike these changes a lot.
    • gmatagmis schrieb:

      Did you test, how much damage changes from full to zero mana?
      Does manadrain + new frazle plate looks viable?
      The damage at 0 mana is quite nice. The damage at above 80% mana is quite terrible though. The damage at low mana in plate is compareable to the damage at full mana in light id say. I don't remember the exact numbers, I'll have to check again.

      heyw0od schrieb:

      is frazzle still on w? would be nice to see it on q so can take purge as well.
      Frazzle is still on the W but it does something completely different now. The spammable damage spell is the old mana spell on the Q now and it deals damage depending on the the enemies mana left.