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    In my experience in Albion Online, it was always like that. Without counting a few odd exceptions, the better geared team has always won every somewhat even in numbers pvp situation I've been part of. Often the better geared team has won even outnumbered. I've been both the better geared team and the worse geared team. And countless are the times that my team didn't even want to actually fight because "they have better gear, we are dead, let's not donate gear, we are going to die" syndromes. As if with that previous mentality, you win by default just by bringing out better and expensive gear.

    The final stroke was a red hellgate, when we faced a team that had two relic weapons and basically killed two of us, during a 4 second stun. That's it. From that moment I knew that in every future PVP situation, it is going to be my side that is going to have the gear advantage, not the enemy.

    That said because people with that mentality are a minority inside guilds, and most try to bring out cheap cost effective gear, even if they have like 200 milion silver (which do they know they will not transfer to their next game?) I decided to create a guild, for people like me, who DO want to have that item power advantage.

    We are going to do group activities like:

    • ganking

    • fame farming

    • red hellgates

    • gvg

    • dungeon diving

    With one principle in mind: In every fight, in every pvp situation we will be the ones out-gearing the opposition. Even if it's not efficient. Even at a silver loss.

    To give a context every guild/group activity will require minimum of effective 8. (5.3 or 6.2 or 7.1 or 8.0) to participate, with no hesitation to bring artifacts like fiend cowl or hellion hood or demon helmet, or even 4.2 or 4.3 relics and better. If we know the opposition might out-gear us, that might become effective 9 or effective 10.

    Effective 8 will not only ensure our pvp domination, but will make fame farming A LOT more efficient, as we can do larger pulls with the least downtime.

    At start we are probably going to be making losses, but we will try to build the team synergy to eventually make this profitable.

    We will strive for high win ratios 70%+ (for example in hellgates) even if that might mean silver losses and we will prefer it to let's say 40% win ratio with profits. Remember silver or money is just a tool. We are more interested in gaining any advantage we can get, at the petty cost of some non significant in game currency. Eventually we will aim to win territories or gvgs to fund our campaign and make this whole project profitable.

    It is necessary to set the requirement of minimum PVE fame required to join to 1 million fame, just to filter out people who might not be dedicated enough and save everyone some time.

    For the time we are not recruiting gatherers. Once we win territories the resources inside the territory and protection outside of the territory will be auctioned at high prices, to people who don't normally have access to tier 8 resources. That income will fund our guild activities. We want to keep the member count clean. So if we have 20 online and we want to do an activity, there will be every one of the 20 available. Not 3 fame farmers and 17 gatherers as it happens in every guild.

    If you are interested drop by in discord.gg/qQXYvDK and let's have a chat.
  • It all starts with gatherers just like me for example; tier 6 mining but can take risks an black zones an gather lots of tier 6.1, 6.2 , stumble across 6.3 nodes. Not only can you mine tier 6 you can actually mine tier 7 flat that alone would help your goals tremendously. Many occasions solo I run into a lot of tier 3 nodes an instantly bank 4-5 million silver this alone would help your start up lots. Not only to mention I can spend a few more hours and mine tier 7 flat plus any of the HQ mats 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 and flat tier 8. Getting players that are already advanced into a guild with these advantages to leave is going to be very hard.

    I don't think you should be looking down upon players game time, stats ect because some of the current guild members could help protect a "gatherer" to get your "better gear" faster and also obtain a high gathering profession in the process. Tier 4 gathering is very easy but gathering in the black zones is the key because it cuts so much of the grind out if you can do it effectively with other players. Tier 4.2 which is 23% chance in blackzones is very common with 100+ fame per gather it goes way way faster than red, yellow zones. I think you should aim for people with the same intentions and mindset as your main goal not necessarily where they are in the game because if you are anything like me grinding a few days to get tier 7 gathering is really no big deal just a time sync a lot of people won't do or enjoy.

    This game is for a more mature audience and hardcore gamers, this alone eliminates a lot of players and age groups as the new age gamer's are looking for vertical progression games with instant gratification rewards. Therefor you have an older player base with lives, jobs, and children. There is absolutely no way you can control how active a player is or isn't in a game, or what activities they enjoy and do. The key is to find the right players with the same intentions as you and build off those intentions an gain friendships and have fun playing the game together. I"m still very interested as your goals as a guild and to be part of a guild that actually has a goal to own territory in the black zones. As my main goal as a player is to have all gathers maxed to benefit "myself" and a "guild". Players will leave if you are trying to control their time spent and activities be thankful for the ones that do show up to your events but don't hate the ones that don't as they may only have so much time at that specific moment. If someone chooses to gather over your event don't punish them because they don't have the time at the moment or they want to do something else. Set a higher tax during events that's why this game is great, he is still doing what he wants and benefiting the guild; but please stress the importance of the guild events and why participation is appreciated and rewarded. Rewarding people to attend events is the key thing to get them to go but if they choose not to penalize them with taxes during event times and enough said because in the end the gatherer is still benefiting you main goal in a way.

    As for as balance goes Three guilds running the game is no fun it needs way more competition and alliances and guild capacity needs a huge nerf. If the Three guilds alliances were broken up with way more competition the game would be a hell of a lot more fun. They are currently trying to work on this with new solo content, smaller group areas ect.. give them time. As the company's main goal for the game is awesome that is what keeps me into it even though the combat and other things need a lot of work I hope one day It can become the game everyone is eager for if not with the new games and unreal engine 4s capability there will be that awesome sandbox MMO everyone is waiting for as this genre of game done right is very close to becoming the next big profit.

    Vegap08 is my ingame name I'm currently looking for a guild with these intentions feel free to message me as I'm pretty active even though I have a life, children, job.

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  • Hello Vega and thanks for the time and effort to reply.

    I agree that I don't want to dictate how someone should play the game. I want them to have the option to choose what is fun for them.

    I thought and I forgot to mention in the original post, that it is all right and perfectly fine to say "I am broke - I need some silver to support my main activities so I will be away for like 2-3 days (or a few hours) to gather and make some silver and increase my income."

    That said though I really do want to avoid full time gatherers. I want gathering to be the exception and not the rule.

    For people like me who want to do something "fun" as pvp or fame farm, it is extremely annoying to open the guild tab, find 20 members online - and everyone is doing their own thing. It is a team game after all. Not a group of solo players. And I want it to be a team effort. I want the majority to want to participate in group events, something that in most guilds out there is not happening, at least at late NA times or EU mornings. There is a time period of about 8 hours, where everyone is solo. That needs to be the exception. At any given time more than half online need to be participating in group content. And by restricting full time gatherers I think we might achieve that.

    Finally what you are describing I think exists in every guild out there, without the minimum gear rule though.

    Finally my vision to start with, is no alliances, which always create conflicts and drama and huge management. That gives us the luxury to wage war on everyone. But there needs to be a lot of diplomacy as in "buying" the services of a ZERG in another alliance, to secure a warcamp, to launch an attack to a territory.

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