State of the Studio 2018 and beyond

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    • This goes hand in hand with our strategy to fully focus on the game’s original core vision.

      So you're making this game back into a hardcore PvP game? So you're removing blobs from Black Zones?

      Also add fame to the Mage's on territories, no idea why this wasn't a thing when you added them, but please. More people will have a reason to kill them and makes for more PvP in open world.

    • glokz schrieb:

      Jesus christ. SBI. I just have to laugh at this post. I hope you will increase number of freelancing testers for your code changes. Because at this moment I really doubt you have any, or those are our famous Indian colleagues which from mine experience - quality of work is...

      Sorry guys, but the quality of your development is just PITIFUL.


      1. August - you have fixed black screen issue on Android. In September with some hotfix patch you have brought it back without knowledge why and you denied there is any problem(it can be found on this forum). Then somwehen in December you fixed it again. IT HAS NEVER APPEARED in patch notes. So either you still don't know what happened or you still deny it has ever been a problem

      2. Market changes. With EVERY single enhancement you do to AH/BM - you implement new bugs. Kay bugs has never been fixed and its been months now. Currently with enhanced functionality you have twice as much bugs as on the release day... Sorry guys but DO NOT IMPLEMENT CHANGES which you:

      a) haven't tested properly
      b) haven't finished..

      How hard is it to create testing plan for auction house which has like 10 functions (sell orders, existing offers, average price etc.. ?) it's not just-in-time MRP calculation FFS!!!

      And I work for a software company either and I know little bit about software development... It's just you being lazy or being greedy for money.

      And giving us information that you cut stuff just proves that...

      Do not understand me wrong this is not an attack on you personally, it is HONEST and DIRECT opinion of your development quality.

      You discredited yourself in your own post - nice one!!! *high five*
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    • This goes hand in hand with our strategy to fully focus on the game’s original core vision.
      Still waiting on a detailed explanation about what would this be.
      If you are going to bring the hardcore aspect back then im ready to throw some cash into the game again.
      If not, ill just keep F2P untill it dies.
      Artificial intelligence will never beat natural stupidiy.
    • letwolf schrieb:

      Devs, please make @Silks attackable at all zones, even in towns (except his personal island). and he must never get bubble.
      He deserved his right for hardcore.
      It doesnt take that much to make the game hardcore again.
      Instead, just make mobs execute players again, get rid of the 3s rule after dismount and no more offscreen nametags.
      But then people will say, oh what about the gatherers? Fuck them. They need to learn that sometimes they will die.
      Its ridiculous that i could get t8 tool without dieing a single time while gathering in BZ.
      Artificial intelligence will never beat natural stupidiy.
    • can you leave off gatherers and fight with equals? Devs (stupidly enough) made gathering gear with 0% dmg bonus. the fight back is not an option for them if they re not outgear ganker by at least 2-3 tiers.

      all you want to gank with 10v1 gatherer, risk nothing for a lot, what would I say, better devs make you attackable in towns :D

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