Bubble Exploit in Camlann [1 vs 7]

  • I just came back from Astolat...

    I think bubble mechanic has to be improved in some of the locations (CV/AS). We are fighting with the boss (main boss) and then suddenly naked guy on mule log in in the middle of boss location, on the bubble, we killed him, reset boss. Then 5 more guys came (one after another) in on the bubble and were interrupted, some guys were killed... and problem isnt that they came but you cant stop them before boss because they have bubble.

    So 6 guys guys destroyed totally a game experience, so far I know nobody wants to touch that boss because of this case.

    IMHO bubble should come off as soon as you come into chamber, or anywhere near boss.

    @Midgard, let me know if you are familiar with that problem, if not I will come back with video.