The Albion Museum: A historic collection of items. Visitors welcome!

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  • The Albion Museum: A historic collection of items. Visitors welcome!

    Dear Visitor,

    with a great sense of pride and accomplishment I hereby announce the founding of The Albion Museum.

    With this thread and the founding of the guild: The Albion Museum it is now official and the work to preserve and showcase the history of Albion through its items will begin today,

    • Mission Statement: "The mission of The Albion Museum is to collect, preserve, study, exhibit, and stimulate appreciation for items exsisting in the world of Albion."
    • Purpose of the Museum: "Collect one of evey item existing in Albion Online and provide a platform for rare items to be showcased and appreciated by the citizens of Albion."

    During the foundation and initial construction time for the museum I will personally invest and manage acquisition cost for the bulk of the items that will be on display. Long-term I hope that players will donate items to the collection once the public nature of this project is understood and appreciated.

    I will update this thread periodically as the collection grows in size and link screenshots of current collection and exhibition projects.

    The first short-term goals of the project are declared as follows:
    • Upgrade the guild island to the maximum tier.
    • Place a guild hall and houses on the guild island, upgrade those to a level where they accept the maximum amount of chests for displayment purposes.
    • Increase public awareness and knowledge of the project.
    • Complete the first display exhibitions: 1) "Albion T2: Humble Beginnings." 2) "The Legendary Explorer's Shelter - A Display of Tiers."
    • Bring together interested parties that want to help organize and manage the collection.
    Long-term goals include:
    • Acquire a plot in Caerleon, constuct a house and use it as a show-room for rare items.
    • Regularly (once a month), exhibit different parts of the collection and further work on completing the collection.
    • Run regular raffles and giveaways with the purpose of raising money and awareness to expand the collection. edit: This turned into a whole different project: KCC
    • Collect guild banners from famous guilds to display on the island.
    How can I visit the museum and take a look at the collection?

    Note: The show-room of the Museum has been temporarily moved to the Kings Crown Casino. Part of the collection are currently on display there.
    • Simply send me a message here, on "The Albion Museum Discord" or via Discord PM (Bogul#6397) that contains your Character Name.
      • I will then give you access to the guild island as a visitor and you can browse the collection freely.
      • Tickets are free, but access has to be granted on a first in first out order, due to a cap of how many people you can add as a visitor to a guild island.
    Cool project! How can I help?
    • Donate! Get in contact with me or drop stuff anonymously into the donation box located on the island.
      • I pledge that all donations will soley be used to be displayed to the public or in the case of silver and duplicate items to further complete the collection.
      • How do I know what you still need?

    FAQ and other content will be added to this thread as the collection grows and my time permits.

    Today marks the beginning on a long journey.

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  • Because its a pretty great resource, I'll mention it here too:

    How can I look at items? How does this work?

    • All items are stored in chests, that have the access rights set to: "Supplier => Other Players" - this means that everyone can look inside chests but not take out or move items.

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  • List of Donations:

    (please let me know if i forgot to add you to the list, i will fix that immediately)

    Cash Donations:

    • 23.01.2018 FlufferPope @FlufferPope 15.000.000 Silver
      • Donators Message: "I'm proud to help Bogul in this project. As a historian, I applaud the effort to collect and display Albion's history"
      • Note: The silver was used to fully upgrade the Guild Island to T6!
    Item Donations:

    Date | Character Name | @Forumname | Amount | Item Name (Quality) (Rarity)

    • 14.01.2018, Arthelon @arthelon: 2x An old ring ( - )
    • 16.01.2018, BriarMoss @BriarMoss: 2x Trash ( - )
    • 21.01.2018, Piddle: 1x Novice's Bow (Masterpiece)
    • 21.01.2018, Piddle: 1x Novice's Bow (Excellent)
    • 21.01.2018, Piddle: 1x Novice's Soldier Helmet (Masterpiece)
    • 21.01.2018, Piddle: 1x Novice's Soldier Armor (Masterpiece)
    • 21.01.2018, Piddle: 1x Novice's Soldier Boots (Masterpiece)
    • 21.01.2018, Piddle: 1x Novice's Soldier Boots (Excellent)
    • 21.01.2018, Piddle: 1x Scholar Sandals (Excellent)
    • 21.01.2018, Ravenar @Ravenar: 1x Leftovers of a pie ( - )
    • 21.01.2018, Ravenar @Ravenar: 1x Grocery bags ( - )
    • 21.01.2018, 0sKiDo: 1x A Scholar Sandals (Excellent)
    • 21.01.2018, 0sKiDo: 1x Pumpkin Pip
    • 21.01.2018, 0sKiDo: 1x Snowball
    • 21.01.2018, 0sKiDo: 1x Royal Sigil
    • 21.01.2018, 0sKiDo: 1x Rare Skyflower
    • 21.01.2018, 0sKiDo: 1x Exceptional Skyflower
    • 21.01.2018, 0sKiDo: 1x Rare Redleaf Cotton
    • 21.01.2018, 0sKiDo: 1x Sunflax
    • 21.01.2018, 0sKiDo: 1x Uncommon Sunflax
    • 21.01.2018, 0sKiDo: 1x Ghost Hemp
    • 21.01.2018, 0sKiDo: 1x Opulent Cloth
    • 21.01.2018, 0sKiDo: 1x Baroque Cloth
    • 21.01.2018, 0sKiDo: 1x Ashenbark Logs
    • 21.01.2018, 0sKiDo: 1x Journeyman's Quarterstaff (Good)
    • 21.01.2018, 0sKiDo: 2x Journeyman's Dagger (Normal)
    • 21.01.2018, 0sKiDo: 1x Journeyman's Shield (Good)
    • 21.01.2018, 0sKiDo: 1x Dragon Teasel
    • 21.01.2018, 0sKiDo: 1x Adept's Heavy Crossbow (Normal) (4.1)
    • 21.01.2018, 0sKiDo: 1x Adept's Light Crossbow (Normal)
    • 21.01.2018, 0sKiDo: 1x Adept's Glaive (Outstanding) (4.1)
    • 21.01.2018, 0sKiDo: 1x Adept's Fire Staff (Good) (4.1)
    • 21.01.2018, 0sKiDo: 1x Adept's Holy Staff (Normal)
    • 21.01.2018, 0sKiDo: 1x Adept's Assasin Jacket (Good) (4.1)
    • 21.01.2018, 0sKiDo: 1x Adept's Assasin Jacket (Outstanding) (4.1)
    • 21.01.2018, 0sKiDo: 1x Adept's Scholar Sandals (Normal) (4.1)
    • 21.01.2018, 0sKiDo: 1x Adept's Mercenary Shoes (Normal)
    • 21.01.2018, 0sKiDo: 2x Adept's Assasin Jacket (Normal)
    • 21.01.2018, 0sKiDo: 1x Adept's Hunter Jacket (Normal)
    • 21.01.2018, 0sKiDo: 1x Expert's Iron-clad Staff (Good) (5.1)
    • 21.01.2018, 0sKiDo: 1x Expert's Pike (Good)
    • 21.01.2018, 0sKiDo: 1x Exper'ts Pike (Normal) (5.1)
    • 21.01.2018, 0sKiDo: 1x Expert's Infernal Staff (Normal)
    • 21.01.2018, 0sKiDo: 1x Expert's Assasin Jacket (Outstanding)
    • 21.01.2018, 0sKiDo: 1x Master's Hunter Jacket (Good)
    • 14.02.2018, Pebble @Vocopi: 10x Legendary Explorer's Horse
    • 22.02.2018, Anonymous: 1x Exceptional Titanium Ore
    • 22.02.2018, Anonymous: 1x Adept's Scholar Cowl (Masterpiece)

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  • It's too bad you place items into the actual game world, like you could in UO. Anyone from UO Atlantic remember Xanthar's museums??? There were so many cool and rare items in there.
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  • The collection is growing, slowly however since I don't have infinite funds to spend on items.

    I'm currently working on finishing up my collection of all T2 items, before I move on to T3.

    The second exhbition i'm working on is completing all legendary explorer's houses.
    I have 6 anchors already and hopefully soon the houses placed as well.

    Here is what I have so far (it's all a WIP):

    (Legedary / Normal House)

  • Another collection I am working on is a collection of all the guild banners of the guilds that have had their logo added to the game.

    I am currently trying to contact all the GM's of the various guilds in order to be able to set up their flag on the albion museum island. I picture it as a row of guild banners that show the original logos of all the guilds.

    The problem is that some of those guilds seem inactive or unreachable. If you can get me in contact with the person holding ownership of a character that can invite to that guild, please let me know.
    In case you know exactly what their guild pattern looked like, I may be able to re-create it exactly 1:1, but for most of those guilds I don't know how they got their name into the game, but I will leave my research here once I find out.

    1. Vendetta
    2. Insane Empire
    3. Hammer and Sickle
    4. Goons
    5. War Legend
    6. Finstack
    7. Gentlemen
    8. Honor n Glory
    9. Nilfgaard
    10. Wild West
    11. Conflict
    12. CzeCo
    13. Furia
    14. Mostly Harmless
    15. Infinite
    16. Russian Bears
    17. Zerator
    18. Zorn
    19. MoneyGuild
    20. Death
    21. Echo of Silence
    22. Knights of the Darkside
    23. Say My Name
    24. Tridra
    25. Ad Honores
    26. BLAM

    Hopefully looking something like this, but filled with proper flags:

    (If you have a suggestion where to put the gallery, instead of behind the guild hall, let me know)

    Its currently here:

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  • Albion T2: Humble Beginnings

    I'm getting close to completing the T2 collection, so I wanted to leave some screenshots here.

    I am missing a few items still, namely the collectors items, accessories (bag/cape) and journals that I just didnt have the time to organize into a pile and take a screenshot of just yet.

    I'll edit this post later and update it a bit more.

    But here you go :)

    1) Various Items

    2) T2 Weapons

    3) T2 Armor (Cloth, Leather, Plate)