Plz answer my question..interested in coming back

    • Plz answer my question..interested in coming back

      Okay, been playing black desert and Eve but BDO politics suck and EvEis just soooo much work even though its the best game out there.
      I played Albion, in early alpha and 2 beta.. i enhoyed it.
      I'm really looking to play a game with a shit ton of drama,politics again. It brings out my passion and emotions.

      Is albion doing ok? from streams it looks like population is good. The high end guilds have lots of back stabbing? lots of land to try and control?

      plz give me any info about the game and the current politics/pvp

      is there like a ALBION podcast or news thing? political news?

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    • Yes everyday people are betraying each other and getting mad/salty and kicking/leaving guilds and alliances.

      There is a lot of fighting over the land, especially with the monthly territory resets.

      Mercia (Red black zone aka the highest fame/best gathering) is basically OOPS alliance vs Woke alliance as far as territory control. Then you have ARCH (we take in anyone and everyone and are everywhere) controlling one of the T7 elite dungeons and having some presence because of numbers.

      I don't know much about YBZ or GBZ but I'd assume they have their scuffles also. I'm just not very interested in being in the "scrub" black zone areas.

      Population is about where it needs to be once you get out of the royal continent. The outer cities are mostly dead, so move to Caerleon as fast as you can!
      So what Albion is not what it was in early betas. This sh*t is still a good game
    • CatFresh schrieb:

      Then you have ARCH (we take in anyone and everyone and are everywhere) controlling one of the T7 elite dungeons and having some presence because of numbers.
      As far as I know, online monitoring is not used in the ARCH. This means that there can be guilds with zero online. In most of these guilds conducts open recruitment through the in-game mail.
      This means that there settles a lot of farmers and passive players that nobody monitors. There are several powerful guilds in the alliance, but the total number of active players in the alliance is hardly more than 500 people.
      Perhaps this is one of the smallest alliances. Let the statistics do not deceive you. Therefore, the main idea of the alliance is probably similar to Robin Hood.
      I mean, when several robbers rescue a thousand farmers who will never take a weapon in their hands. A large number of players(who left the game) need to maintain this morality. But in fact, there are very few players there.Общество-круговой-поруки-Альбиона/
    • I would recommend you take a look at the Bug section to determine whether these will affect your desire to play the game. There are some pretty game-breaking bugs out there atm and, personally, my patience is wearing thin with SBI.

      It seems I am not the only one as the population has plummeted since last summer. Quoting Grimhawke-EB who on December 13, 2017 provided the following information:

      Week 21, total characters gained fame = 25319. Also total chars gained over 10k fame =18948.

      This was the last piece of credible information about player population before they changed the leaderboards to only show the top 10 000 players.

      This is a very tiny playerbase.

      Unless SBI start getting serious about the work they do, I can only foresee that this player base will get even smaller...