Holy vs Nature Energy Cost is wac

    • Holy vs Nature Energy Cost is wac

      The energy cost of using a druidic staff is no where near balanced compared to holy. Although it appears SBI wanted to nerf energy efficiency on both weapons during Joseph, the reality is that holy was buffed to the point that they don't even use eye of secrets any more. Although druidic's use eye of secrets and energy pots, they still lose the energy battle to holy's who no longer even use an eye. Can we balance the energy between the weapons so that players who spec into energy efficient builds can outlast those who do not?

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    • Nature is supposed to be the energy-effective but no burst healing option.

      I haven't seen any actual math on it. But if it turns out that nature is less energy-efficient than holy, there is a problem.
    • When we are comparing nature heals vs holy heals keep in mind we are comparing an artifact weapon as the meta standard for 5v5 and a regular staff as the other. Artifact weapons have in general a higher mana/cast cost. You can't just

      The fact that nature doesn't have any real viable standard staff in 5v5 play or at least perceived viability is a bigger issue.

      As far as not needing eye of secrets that is not true in its entirety. Mistcaller does run into OOM issue frequently in GvG. In HG not so much.

      I also think people don't adapt their playstyle to their healer and instead expect their healers to adapt to them.

      Can't tell you how many ppl play with a holy healer and everyone in the group is face tanking damage at the same time and everyone expects to live.

      Nature is definitely in a bad spot but I also think holy was always going to be the stronger end game build and Nature's early dominance in the game stemmed from the fact that it was an artifact staff which scaled in power sooner than a holy build takes to build out.
    • Before the patch most holy healers used flash heal, which was heavily nerved in mana cost.
      Now most holy healers use generous heal, which got only a small nerve in mana cost. (btw even before the patch you would not use eye for that build)

      Though i have no idea how the nature healer in your setup uses eye. Afaki the prefered 5v5 nature staff is 2handed right? or did the meta for nature change?

      So its not like that holy didn't get hit by the nerf, its more like holy meta shifted to a less mana draining setup at the cost of being even less able to heal multiple targets at the same time