about test server kaypatch 2

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    • about test server kaypatch 2

      the changes in arcane staff are correct? 'cause for example frazzle have no cd and enemy taken 30 more damage for 3 second, not 30% more damage and 9sec CD look like a development post.
      On energy bolt, there is no Number about the damage when the enemy have less 20% energy
      the changes on every type of shoes is not already up? cause all of them have the same CD look like Kay patch note 1
      thank you

      Arcane Staffs:
      • Energy Bolt:
        • The ability is reworked. It is now a cast spell, which damages enemies. The damage height, depends on the target's energy left.
      • Frazzle:
        • Cast Time: 1.2s -> 1.5s
        • Cooldown: 0s -> 10s
        • Damage: 91.99 -> 103.11
        • Doesn't reduce resistances anymore, instead increases the target's damage taken by 40%.
        • Debuff Duration: 7s -> 5s
        • Energycost: 4 -> 9
      • Empowering Beam:
        • Tick Interval: 0.3s -> 0.25s (this means the beam stacks up faster)
        • Max Channel Duration: 7.5s -> 5s
      • Energy Beam:
        • Can now also be cast on allies. When cast on allies it restores their energy.
        • Enemy energy loss: 6.30 -> 5.20

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