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  • AEGIS | Limited Recruitment - PvP / Competitive / International / Mature / AO Veterans - Outlands

    Final Beta 2 Progress:

    Veteran International Albion Online Guild
    Closed Beta 2 Informational Thread

    Who is AEGIS?

    AEGIS was founded by the core leadership that turned the Vikings around during the Summer 2014 Alpha. By the end of the test we brought the Vikings to 3rd in Resource Value, 5th in Guild Fame, and 5th in Silver Collected. We enjoyed complete control over Dragonrock as well as establishing an FOB in Haunted Shore with 67% of the territory under our control. Winter Alpha 2014 we shed the Viking name and formed an elite organization known as Legion. In the Summer 2015 test we embedded ourselves in the Horse Riders however by the end we formed AEGIS and quickly jumped to top 11. We are comprised of AO Veterans spanning the years of testing. We are an organized guild that utilizes Google docs and detailed spreadsheets to track our resources, specializations, and consumables. At the end of the day, AO is still a game, something recreational and this is still a closed beta test, we encourage all members to enjoy themselves. We put the work in when necessary, but still know how to have a great time. We are AEGIS.

    Recruitment Video by @CircuitSix and @Dobby

    • Summer Alpha 2014 (Started September 15th 2014)
    • Winter Alpha 2014 (Started January 26th 2015)
    • Summer Alpha 2015 (Started June 29th 2015)
    • Closed Beta 2015 (Started November 23rd 2015)
    • Beta 2 2016 (Started August 1st 2016)


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    What We Offer:
    • A comfortable semi-serious when necessary environment.
    • Organized crafting specialization and resource tracking.
    • Discord and an Enjin site featuring dedicated forums.
    • An average age of 25+ (Happy Birthday Circuit!)
    • Respectable comms discipline when applicable.
    • Dedicated 256 slot TeamSpeak 3 Server.
    • Truly supportive guild members.

    • Previous MMORPG experience
    • Minimum activity of roughly 2+ hour(s) a day.
    • Contribution of both time and resources to the guild
    • You possess the ability to both speak and understand English.
    • Realistic participation on silver runs, resource gathering, and group PvP.
    • Stay updated on AO changes/patch notes (ie. balancing, mechanic changes, etc..).
    • We're not concerned with age, but you must be mature and show respect when expected.

    • No drama, politics, religion, OR generally hateful speech of any kind. Don't be toxic.
    • Download TeamSpeak3. Even if you don't have a microphone it's imperative you be able to listen.
    • Download Discord. Primary means of non-VoIP comms, free mobile client, and official platform of AO.
    • Respect (respekt) your guild brothers and sisters at all times.

    >> Limited Recruitment With A Trial Period <<

    AEGIS is now in a limited recruitment status, recruits are subject to a trial period for an unknown but limited time. If you think you've got what it takes to join the ranks of AEGIS, reply now.

    >> Application <<

    (Copy below, paste it in your reply, and fill it out):

    Source Code

    1. [b]In-game Name[/b]:
    2. [b]Founder Level[/b]:
    3. [b]Country[/b]:
    4. [b]Hours Per Day[/b]:
    5. [b]Previous AO Experience[/b]:
    6. [b]Previous AO Guild(s)[/b]:
    7. [b]Main Hand[/b]:
    8. [b]Previous Experience[/b]:
    9. [b]Closing Statement[/b]:

    Example Response:

    In-game Name: Vortech
    Founder Level: Legendary
    Country: USA
    Hours Per Day: 5+hrs
    Previous AO Experience: Summer Alpha '14, Winter Alpha '14, Summer Alpha '15, and Closed Beta '15-'16
    Previous AO Guild(s): Vikings, Horse Riders, LEGION
    Main Hand: Daggers OP
    Previous Experience: UO, Tabula Rasa, SWG, SWTOR, and Planetside 2
    Closing Statement: Thanks for the opportunity!

    > Applicants <

    You can contact us in-game if you have any questions or are still waiting for your application it to be accepted. Attempt to /w (whisper) any of the following guild leadership while online:

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  • In-game Name: Nerowolf
    Location: King's Market
    PvP or PvE: Both,Would like to focus on PvE more though
    Previous Experience: SWTOR,Planetside 2,Rust,Wurm Online,The Might Quest For Epic Loot,Raider Z,DC Universe Online,Path of Exile,Mount and Blade:Napoleonic Wars:Was a 2nd Lt in the 13th Somersetshire.
    Preferred Role & Class: Crafting,PvE,Melee Dps
    Closing Statement: Sounds like you guys have a good thing going on.Hope to join
  • @Nerowolf @Duran Thanks for your interest, you've both been accepted, and we're happy to have you join us.

    I've updated the OP with the method to apply in-game and a list of our leadership that you can /w (whisper) next time your in-game if you haven't received your invite or had your in-game application accepted..

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  • Ginastic wrote:

    Do you have any EU players?

    Yes, at this moment I'm in a channel having a discussion with 3 other members. I'm from the US, one is from the Czech Republic, one member is from Belgium, and the last in channel is from Australia. Thanks for your interest, if this sounds good to you then you've been accepted. Check your in-game mail for further instructions.

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  • In-game Name: Dakkon
    Location: Seamouth
    PvP or PvE: PvP and enough PvE
    Previous Experience: SWG, Ultima Online, Guild Wars, Warhammer, and many many more.
    Preferred Role & Class: DPS- Gap Closer, Pike-Ranger
    Closing Statement: Out of all the online games I have ever played. My favorite has always been Star Wars Galaxies. The PvP system, and crafting systems were incredible, and everything I want in a game. This game seems to be a simplified, and also expanded(in ways) as that. With that being said. I strive to be one of the top PvPers on a server. This game will be no exception.
  • Yeahiateit wrote:

    Closing Statement: Out of all the online games I have ever played. My favorite has always been Star Wars Galaxies. The PvP system, and crafting systems were incredible, and everything I want in a game. This game seems to be a simplified, and also expanded(in ways) as that. With that being said. I strive to be one of the top PvPers on a server. This game will be no exception.

    Agreed, accepted, and thanks for your interest. Check your mail in-game for further details.

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  • Hail, Vortech!

    You guys sound like a decent crew for me, being that I'm semi-casual/semi-hardcore when it comes to play times and activity. I'll go a day here and there without playing and then have some 6-8 hour days.. Just getting into AO but happy to be here.


    In-game Name: Jaxxil
    County: Err, San Diego County.. Assume you meant Country, which is USA
    PvP or PvE: PvP is my end goal
    Previous Experience: Darkfall, Mortal Online, Shadowbane, DAoC, about 20 others.. been gaming for about 18 years!
    Preferred Role & Class: Whatever is competitive in small scale/has good survive-ability solo/is helpful to the guild . I'm truly enjoying a Caster right now though I've usually played whatever has the higher skill ceiling. That's often been ranged classes in my eyes due to kiting but that could change for a game like this.
    Closing Statement: 30 yo working in software with a full time job & full time social life, but I always like to get some gaming time in each week. Usually 10-15 hours a week. One thing to note is I occasionally play AO on my Samsung Note3, in those instances I'll be a little quiet and not on Teamspeak/probably not as effective in PvP... But it does run surprisingly well so I'll still be up for the occasional dungeon run and will help when I can when needed.

  • In-game Name: KilsWitcH
    Country: Australia
    PvP or PvE: Both, but love PvP
    Previous Experience: Sandbox type games - Ultima Online, EvE Online, Darkfall, Perpetuum, The Infinite Black. Love the sandbox and creating my own content!!
    Preferred Role & Class: Still coming to grips with what works, but I'll be a caster and love to heal.
    Closing Statement: I travel a lot for work and mobile gaming is now my preferred experience. Nice to be able to keep in contact with your guild and still play in a hotel room whilst away. I'm a loyal member, willing to help the guild and individuals alike. I am more than happy to use Teamspeak, it makes organising things a hell of a lot easier. Hoping to find a like minded bunch of people to explore the game with and set guild goals for the launch when it comes.
  • In-game Name: Sicarii
    Country: Belgium
    PvP or PvE: Both?
    Previous Experience: Runescape, WoW, Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, ESO
    Preferred Role & Class: Archer, Dagger not sure yet
    Closing Statement: I have a pretty busy job/life, but I'm usually online at least 2-3 times a week. I'm mainly interested in crafting in this game, next to the occasional PvE/PvP.
  • In-game Name: Reenoah
    Country: Singapore
    PvP or PvE: Flexible
    Previous Experience: Mario World 3, (killed Koopa using Luigi), RO, Tantra,
    Preferred Role & Class: Nuker, Sniper, Ranger
    Closing Statement: I play daily, one hour on my phone, 2-3 hours when at home. 5-6 hours on weekends.

    Its my first day so Im not sure what the heck Im doing and bought a Legendary pack.
    I can't promise anything, just wait and see what I will become after Winter League.
  • In-game Name: Wolfhammer
    Country: UK
    PvP or PvE: PvE until I get tasty then PvP pie !!
    Previous Experience: Been gaming since Defender on the ZX81 :) Yeah I'm getting on a bit !
    Preferred Role & Class: I usually mostly enjoy crafting/gathering and support roles in combat.. Wouldn't mind trying a tanky role though....
    Closing Statement: I'm a 45 year old gamer with no wives or kids, ex or present (fekkin good looking and my money and time are all mine!) so have all my free time to do my bit for the boys n girls... Friday gaming sessions will involve battle juice (vodka and redbull in laymans terms) and much merryment.. The Vikings knew how to do this shit properly !
    If I could be assigned a crafting role I'd be over the moon but will help in anyway I can for progression through the teirs (and tears lol) of everything..

    Toodle pip !