Android client - disconnects in Carleon

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  • Android client - disconnects in Carleon


    1. After all updates of Android client: Android client still disconnects when you try to port into the Carleon.
    Can you check, please? I have Samsung Galaxy S7 or Nvidia Shield K1 tablet.
    I think there should be an option to disable players in Carleon (including bank and auction) - at least for the Android client (it will look then like when is Carleon overpopulated). Maybe there is some connection timeout because of long loading time? Please fix this.

    2. Could you add feature "enter chat" (with "enter chat" when you press Enter on a connected keyboard you can directly type into the chat) on Android client too, please?

    3. When you touch on buffs and debuffs under your nick name (and not only here), you can't see detailed description like on PC client.

    Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards
    HankTheNoob | Battles in AO

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  • Hi @H4nk and sorry for the late reply!

    1. Mobile phones with Android OS are not supported and I would not recommend playing on such devices. Nvidia Shield K1 is currently underperforming although it meets the minimum requirements - I'd suggest not using it in crowded maps (like Caerleon Bank or Marketplace). Developers will be rolling out performance optimization patches for Android in the near future tho, as they did with iOS (which works very smoothly even on 2GB tablets and iPhones.).

    2. Last time I checked there were no plans to support external keyboards - I'll see if anything's changed in this regard.

    3. Such tooltips are not supported - will also check if that's something in the backlog.

    ~ Dagother