My Take On Daggers - Problems and Solutions to Bring The Line Back In Balance

    • My Take On Daggers - Problems and Solutions to Bring The Line Back In Balance

      @Retroman Here are some of the issues and, some solutions, facing the dagger line right now.

      W Abilities:

      Throw Blades
      Throw Blades has a massive flaw. It is on a melee single target dps line, but requires you to gain range and hit multiple people to be effective.

      My suggestion would be to make Throw Blades work exactly how it does now, but make it so the more blades you hit on a single target the more of the buff you receive. This will make it fit the concept of the line.

      Dash’s biggest issue is that it is pure utility, but can be countered too many abilities in the game.

      My suggestion would be to make dash render the caster invulnerable to damage and CC effects for the duration of the dash. This will make Dash far more useful, and help put daggers in a position to be competitive in GvGs.

      Infiltrate is a situational AoE sleep that is on a delay. This is good for playing with game mechanics, but doesn’t really fit the line very well.

      I would suggest making the sleep longer, making it single target, and make it melee range. This would bring it in line with the dagger play style.

      Shadow’s Edge
      Shadow’s Edge is too situational, it stuns you longer than it stuns the target, and it is a skill shot.

      I’d like to suggest reworking the skill completely, but if this is what we have to deal with I’d suggest removing the skill shot, make it instant single target at a 11m range, like dash, and keep the stun. Basically Knight Boots, with a stun. Probably will still be gutter tier, but it could serve some purpose.

      If you are willing to rework it here are some ideas:

      You go invisible for 8 secs

      works exactly like an invisibility potion.

      First Strike
      You hit your opponent for 20% of their current health.

      This would serve as an opener. The quicker you use it the more damage it would deal.

      Tunnel Vision
      You focus on your target – every time you hit them you gain 10% damage bonus and 10% movement speed for 3 secs. Stacks up to 8 times. The debuff would last 10s on the target.

      Slow Poison
      You apply a poison to your weapon – the next auto attack will slow the victim by 50% and lower their resist by x.

      E Abilities:

      Poison Coating
      Poison coating is too easily countered. Mainly because it has a very noticeable animation, and sound. Then it is too easy to kite the caster.

      My suggestion would be to add a slow to the ability, or add the ability listed above to the game. This would make it much harder to counter, and would bring it in line with swords, which require a purge to effectively counter it.

      Slit Throat
      The biggest problems facing Slit Throat is that it is easily countered – it has a wind up of requiring 3 charges, and then it has a cast time. It also is un-impactful in terms of killing potential.

      I would suggest making it either an opener without a cast time, and make it not require charges – but make it so it does its damage only as a DoT.

      Or make it a closer. Make it so it requires charges, has no cast time, but does all its damage up front. However, make it also situational, and have it only do damage if the target is below 50% HPs. If they are above nothing happens.

      Disembowel is the favorite among 4.1 gankers. It has a root, it does ok damage, and it is not effected by diminishing return. So you can get on your trial account with your buddies and go lock someone down forever, and still deal damage. The problem however, is that outside of this they are basically useless.

      I would suggest lowering the damage, and adding a reapplied silence to the channel. This would make it useful in GvGs, and keep it as a ganking weapon – but not as useful in a 5 man 4.1 gank group.

      Lunging Strike
      Lunging Strike is really the only good E ability in the Dagger line. It gives the line a ZvZ weapon, and has a finisher that makes sense. I’d keep it the way it is.

      Devastating Strike
      Again an ability that just does not make any sense at all. First it has a bunch of mini hits that prevent the ability from synergizing with a lot of other abilities, it stuns you and it knocks the target away from you… as a melee dps. It is like a perfect escape ability for your target.

      I would suggest keeping the purge and damage, but changing everything else. Change the knock back to a 9m pull on a single target. Get rid of the mini stun, make it just pull someone in, purge them and then deal damage.

      Ghost Strike
      This is probably the least impactful T3 artifact ability in the game right now. It does too little damage, and is too situational for a tier 3 artifact weapon. It is underwhelming, and it feels like another version of the Dagger Pair.

      I would suggest getting rid of the consumption aspect of the weapon. Keep the situational constraints on it, but make the biggest constraint be mana. Get rid of the 50% reduction in mana consumption, and make it so it can be cast endlessly on the target if you have 3 stacks of AS, or they have 3 stacks of SA on them.

      Or, make it also consume the target’s energy. For example, it would drain 40% of the target’s maximum energy. This would mean it would take 80% of the targets energy with both hits. This would make it useful in GvGs. It would, however, be useless everywhere else.

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    • The problems i have with daggers:
      1.Damage on sunder armor is a joke if the plan for daggers was to burst ppl.
      2.Second Q puts you in disatvantage by lowering your resistance... And whats the point in going invis after 3 stacks ???? its just stupid i see no use here. Specialy when dagger pair needs 3 stacks for E.... You should rework the combo here.
      3. Maybe somehow change the AA range(a little like 3m) like glaive or add slow to W dash i dont know... but its ridiculous how everyone is able to walk out of your range..... its a joke... i use druidic sandals.. otherwise its imporsible to catch anything...
      4. Passives are trash like on most weapons:
      poison is useless in pvp becouse you wont ever stack so many autos on a person... its ok for pve
      same for all other AA passives
      energy is ok for pve...
      add a slow passive... mobility passive or burst passive..
    • AoE needs to be heavily nerfed, plain and simple. There's just no place for single target damage in Albion while people are nuking entire groups for 30-50% their life in one spell. How do you balance single target damage weapons to make them as desirable as weapons that can damage an entire group for nearly half their life without, literally, going into 1 shot territory?

      Hell, you can't even raise Dagger fame unless you like long, boring hours playing solo. Anyone who invites a dagger user to a group is doing them a huge favor and getting nothing in return.

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