Warriors' new Weapon branch: (Elemental) Fists.

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    • Warriors' new Weapon branch: (Elemental) Fists.

      As I was trying to imagine a new branch of staves for Mages cf: here I thought that if we were to add a new branch we would need one for every class. Now that SBI took all the melee material that could be used in the world of Albion (a.k.a feodal weapons) I pondered that the warrior could use a bit of magic too. Hunters have Nature staff, Warrior will have Elemental Fists.

      Let me break it down:

      I thought of 3 non elemental fists, and 3 elemental artifacts fists.

      It could seem stupid to fight with your fists, cause that implies the use of your bear knuckles and not a weapon strictly speaking.

      1. The fashion side:

      1.1 So I imagined some antique boxing gloves for one weapon:

      a.k.a Cestus

      1.2. Maybe a knight gauntlet for another basic weapon:

      1.3. Another leather pugilist glove:

      And for the 3 artifacts I thought of adding magical, elemental based spells.

      The 3 artifacts would be Earth, Wind, and Fire.

      1.4. Earth:

      I dunno about the look of it, just make a glove and add some brown sprinkles.

      1.5. Wind:

      I dunno about the look of it, just make a glove and add some grey sprinkles.

      1.6 Fire:

      I dunno about the look of it, just make a glove and add some red sprinkles.

      2. The spells side:

      Q : Jabs, A straight punch (jabs) that increases your generated threat and deals (x DMG).

      The idea is to make another tanking branch that could dps aswell. The fact that you're being beaten by hand makes it logical that it's a threat generator

      second Q : Hook, a hook that deals (x DMG) and increases your attack speed 5% for 4 seconds (stacks up 3 times)

      Swords have bonus mov speed, axes have bleeding strikes. Let me bring you the bonus atck speed.

      W : Guard, a stance that reduces your move speed by x% and reduces the dmg recieved by as much.

      second W : Uppercut, an uppercut to the jaw that stuns the target for a short duration after pushing him back just a lil bit.

      third W : Blind Spot, a straight punch to the eye that blinds the target for few seconds, making his auto attacks and spells miss for the duration.

      E : Ideas in a heap

      For the Fire gauntlet maybe something like a Falcon Punch

      For the Earth gauntlet something like a wall of dirt that blocks incoming projectiles (may or may not block or slow enemies passing through)
      earth would be more tank oriented while fire would be dps oriented

      For the Wind gauntlet a spell that increases your move speed and leaves a trail of wind behind you that increases move speed of allies following you.
      supportive dps melee thingy

      For the non elemental spells :

      1. A charged punch that dashes forward and bumps the first enemy in sight, You are locked in place for 1 or 2 seconds while charging your fist, here people can see an animation saying that you charge, and you can release in any direction to charge in a line and beat the hell out of the first enemy you encounter.

      2. a ground hit that hits all enemies in a cone in front of the player and lift up the enemies for a short duration.
      (thanks to DeathX)

      3. meh, help me out here

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