NNew definitive (E) Boltcaster

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    • NNew definitive (E) Boltcaster

      Hello, I propose a new E for the boltcaster.Currently the boltcaster is out of mint for pvp since its E is good but it takes and it is very easy to be canceledI would say that his new E is something similar to the definitive Reaper of overwatch or the definitive of Valla de Heroes of the stormThat is an area of about 5m in which the character turns inflicting base damage duarante about 5s and can move with reduced speed. something appeared the E of the great axThis new E would cause a new build for the boltcaster that in this case would be full leather for better resistanceAlthough it would be great if they create a second E for all the weapons so that they change their build a little