Chaos Rising LF Alliance

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    • Chaos Rising LF Alliance

      Hello ladies and gents,
      Just a quick post to inform everyone that our guild “Chaos Rising” is looking to be part of a larger alliance that is recruiting. I’ll try to keep this as concise as possible.
      About Us:
      - A group of driven and fun loving AO players of various skill levels. 70+ members (as of writing this)
      - We have a dedicated and developing gathering core and PvP core which work together to enhance everyone’s gameplay.
      - The guild caters to all skill levels, with an island in Fort Sterling and Lymhurst for beginners and an island at Caerleon for our more veteran players/bz players.
      - English speaking and NA based, with a few OCE/EU members in the mix.

      What we expect:
      - A positive attitude
      - Being treated as equals
      - PvP/PvE/Gathering groups that help us grow in fame and experience.

      What we’re willing to provide:
      - Our dedicated gatherers/crafters would contribute as much as possible towards helping the alliance (eg. crafting spare sets)
      - Our combat orientated would playerbase willing to run Fame Farms, PvP groups and GvGs/ZvZ’s.

      As a smaller guild, this would definitely be a learning experience for us and I look forward to what the future brings.
      If interested, please reply to this post or PM me on the forms or in game - to discuss further. IGN: Borneas
      Thank you so much for reading guys and have a wonderful day :) <3