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    so I've been playing this game for about a week now and this is honestly the best MMORPG experience available across Android and any Android OS and I know people suggest playing this on PC and I'll be at I do have a minor mishap of Miss clicking in combat I'm still able to handle myself either way it's not like I'm going to f****** die instantly I mean if you have a bad phone I understand don't play with the lagging should but my phone runs the game amazingly I got 60 frames per second and my favorite aspect of the game ain't even the combat I like the fact that you can own buildings and you know basically run a business you could essentially have you can spend a lot of gold in and get a lot more gold back I bought my first building in Fort Sterling is a T6 Hunters Lodge I'm thinking about rebuilding it into something else but I wouldn't I'm trying to study the market and I need suggestions on what I should build
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