If Daggers are for single target then...

    • letwolf schrieb:

      Xax schrieb:

      You guys are so fixated on assassin JACKET.

      I'm talking about assassin SPIRIT. Two completely separate abilities.

      Pay attention.

      Assassin SPIRIT is nerfed because of the changed mechanics. They completely changed the dagger classes. Now there is no more stealth induction from DAGGER WEAPONS. That is my main point. If you can't figure that out, then it's because you have no clue what you're talking about. You obviously didn't use assassin SPIRIT before the nerf.
      LawlGuy JACKET is synonym for SPIRIT

      You don't even know the difference. You've never specced dagger in your life, noob.
    • Xax schrieb:

      You guys are fucking clueless.

      Assassin Spirit was a weapon induced Stealth! Do you not fucking understand that?

      You didn't need Assassin jacket or any other armor. All you needed was a dagger.

      Because most of you cannot comprehend this, I know for a fact, that you have no fucking clue what you're talking about. And you haven't played daggers before.
      there are a lot of players posting who joined after the release, you shouldn't expect them to know stuff like that which only alpha/beta players know...

      Just for some info and reference, assassin spirit used to be a non toggle spell that is really similar to spirit spear, you can gain stacks on you by activating it, which gives you attack speed and it stack up to 3 times. And can be used for skills like duel dagger E. Casting it when having 3 stacks (I think) makes you invisible for a few seconds.