Kay zvz feedback

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    • Kay zvz feedback

      Hey gents,

      Lots of action, lots of fights, lots of fun - really interesting times.

      Its very unclear how the territory bar (the colored one above the 4 syphon mage slots when clikcing a watchtower from the map) actually works. There is a filled blue, a light blue and a red.
      Does the filled blue represent how much you have gotten, red how much you have lost and light blue the potential of the rest of the day - or how should these numbers be read ?.

      Where do we see how many points a guild gets pr hour for having 1,2,3 or 4 active mages?.

      MAges themselves is a cool mechanic but it dont work, since you cannot respond to a raid fast enough to actually do anything about it. What about having it so after A mage is attacked it gets invuln for 5 minutes after which it can be killed ?. That way defending guilds could go there and actually defend them.
      forcing guilds to sit afk in their territories is bad and unintended gameplay.

      Really cool mechanic and the gameplay will be interesting, but there is something totally off with the mages as they die so fast that the game becomes about playing wackamole, where the real fun is when it creates conflict and combat.
      You literally have to be in the zone, if you need a hope of stopping and attack, and people will get REALLY bored with that - and already after 20 hours its easy to see that its not fun in any way.

      It is however awesome, if it got fixed as there is a lot of fun in what it creates.

    • Hey @Sinatra.SUN!

      Thank you for your feedback.
      You understood the territory points bar completely correct. Filled (bright blue) is the number of points you've already gotten that nobody can take from you, the darker blue is the potential and red symbolizes the points you can't get today because of the raids you failed to defend against.

      Seeing how many points per hour a mage contributes can currently only be done with some math. You can see the max. number of points each territory can score in the rightmost part (royal 96, anglia 192, cumbria 288 and mercia 384).
      Divide that number by 24 so we get the hourly rate for all mages. Divide that by 4 and you get the value that each mage contributes in one hour.
      I guess we could add that value to the tooltip in a patch :)

      We're making some changes to the way the mages work (just like you said, they should be harder to kill) in an upcoming patch.

      - Lino
    • @H4n1baL@'Sinatra.SUN'
      Territory raiding was made for giving a chance to small guild to obtain some energy (assumed they have no terries to generate it from).
      So it is relatively small guilds and groups of people.

      As a territory owner and member of a powerful guild, you have such advantages:
      - guards
      - territory chest with gear, which can be used to instant teleport for your entire guild (/suicide in the chat, respawn near chest, regear = maximum 30 seconds. Worrying about trashing items with /suicide or giving it to mate? your fault).
      - mage itself and watchtower with laser beams.
      - LOT of high geared guildmates.

      So, if you are serious, you want to add another handicap for small groups, give you an 5 minutes to bring all your 50+ super mastered zvz pro team, to beat 5-6 people from lonely guild?
      Is it enough challenging to you?
      Or just you too lazy to defend your many territories? (your fault... cant handle that much - get as many as you can handle)

      See, devs already start catering for you, and want double mage's HP and give them total of 1.5 minutes invulnerability.
      As member of small guild, I see this absolutely wrong decision. It could stop raiding or make it very rare.
      @H4n1baL, making such change, would you increase the reward proportionally?
      Please consider this from ALL points of view. Not from "territory owners" point.
    • I think there are valid arguments on both sides of the siphoning mage difficulty debate. It's important to consider that small, non-territory owning guilds should be able to sneak into a zone, and quickly take out a mage and have a chance to escape with energy before a large alliance can respond with a zerg. At the same time, territory owning guilds/alliance should have a chance to defend. Currently, it's maybe a little too quick to kill a mage, but it's important to strike the right balance.
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