Clarification on Account Sharing, IP Connections and Multiple accounts Plz

  • Clarification on Account Sharing, IP Connections and Multiple accounts Plz

    Hello All, @Korn

    I would like to have some clarification on some matters that have the gaming community worried regarding the topics stated in the post title.

    1: What is the actual definition or stance of SBI on account sharing. For what I understand each account should only be used by the sole owner who created the account.
    There is some scenarios or situations that can happen which I would like to know if SBI would ban an account for it or not. Does the character have to engage in any sort of combat or just logging in would break the rules.
    Ex: I forget to be home at a certain time to water my plants or feed the breeding pets, can I ask my brother to log into my account and do that for me or would that break the rules although he is not doing anything that is progressing the character?

    2: Here comes the 2nd question linked to the 1st, as my brother cannot access my PC, he would do it from his PC which is linked to the same wifi/fibre connection, would that break any rules on the SBI side? Sometimes when I have my cousin come and sleep over, he also plays Albion Online, so there would be 3 accounts running from the same fibre modem IP. I wouldnt want any of our accounts being banned for any offense that SBI might think we might be doing.
    How does SBI understand that multiple people can play from one house hold?

    3: I would like to know the stance here of what multiple accounts can do and not do. I understand people can take advantage of using multiple accounts at the same time, but what are the guidelines or rules here, regarding 1 person using it or having multiple people using accounts on the same map, relating to question 2.

    Thanks for your time
  • 1. You're breaking the Terms and Conditions if you log into someone else's account, or if you let someone else use your account:
    11.6 The Users are reminded to treat all access data and all data provided by us for the purpose of accessing the Game and Services (login, passwords which should be changed regularly etc.) in a strictly confidential manner and not to disclose them to any third party or allow any third party to use their User Account unless Sandbox Interactive has approved the transfer of the account in writing.

    11.7 If a third party uses a User Account after gaining possession of the access data because the User did not sufficiently secure these from third party access, then the User is responsible for any damages or similar caused by the User’s failure.

    11.8 The User will inform us via email without delay if he learns or suspects that an unauthorized third party has gained possession of said access data. In case of a justifiable suspicion that access data are known to unauthorized third parties and were used by third parties, then for security reasons Sandbox Interactive has the right but it is not obliged to change the access data at its own discretion and without prior notification. Alternatively, Sandbox Interactive has the right to block the User Account. In the above cases, Sandbox Interactive shall use reasonable efforts to inform the authorized User immediately and upon request about the suspected unauthorized access and it shall provide the new access data within a reasonable time. For security reasons, Sandbox Interactive may require proof of identity before doing so. However, in case the User's email account connected to the Services is compromised, Sandbox Interactive will usually have no means of contacting and communicating with the User. In such cases, the User has no claim for his original access data to be restored.

    11.9 The User agrees that he will under no circumstances login into the User Account of any other User.

    11.10 The User is not entitled to transfer or sell his User Account to a third party or let a third party use their User Account without the prior written consent of Sandbox Interactive. Any transfer consent of Sandbox Interactive does not entitle to transfer an account for a fee or other consideration, unless this has been expressly permitted in such consent. Users do neither have the right to transfer the User Account to another person nor let another person use their User Account without the prior consent of Sandbox Interactive.

    2. Several people can play Albion Online in a household using the same internet connection. As long as there's no account-sharing involved, you don't have to worry about anything.

    3. See article 11.2 of the Terms and Conditions:
    11.2 /.../ if the User is playing the Game with multiple Characters at the same time, all of the following rules must be followed: i) the Characters may not interact or cooperate with each other if they are located outside of a player city, guild home territory, personal island or guild island, ii) the Characters may not engage in combat together and iii) the Characters may not act as scouts for each other.
  • To add to what Elsa said,

    It is very easy to determine if you are running accounts from different computers on the same network. But it's also quite simple to see if these are computers or Virtual Machines.

    As long as you do everything legit, SBI should have no issue with even 10+ accounts from the same network. I mean if that caused issues, colleges would be fucked :D
  • HolyWayne wrote:

    I have another question. My RL friend has two accounts (one he bought, and one I gifted him). He literally doesn't play the game anymore, at all, ever. I mean...ever. He won't be playing the game again. He told me I can have them. How would that work/impact the ToS?
    Not allowed unless you get a written permission from Sandbox Interactive (see articles 11.6 and 11.10 quoted in my previous post). So I'd recommend that your friend gets in touch with support to see if they would approve that.
  • This seems like an odd set of restrictions for a product that is purchased and owned. Why do these account sharing rules exist? Diy industrial factory character farming/crafting/gathering exists with or without this so it seems not to achieve much. Except assure that unused accounts aren't ever used and more sales I guess. We do own what we purchase right?

    More or less curious about such officiousness.