Checkpoints too close to Spawn

    • Checkpoints too close to Spawn

      I was doing a L3 TIMBER Map with some guildmates, and we got to a point where we all died to being overrun by spawn, but when we respawned alive on the checkpoint straight away all the mobs would aggro and we would get overrun straight away again. Suddenly all the mobs from above the cliff and around the corner hill leading up to it would be aggroed. Even if we tried to run back on our tracks, we would get followed and killed. I had to cancel and lose the map that cost be over 800k silver. The checkpoint I am talking about is under a cliff and the road next to it leads to a small hill that goes around a corner and again another small hill.
    • Thorn-Delwyn schrieb:

      Thank you very much for the report and I'm sorry to hear of your losses.

      I talked to our expedition level designer and he will fix it asap though it will probably hit live at the beginning of January.

      Best regards,
      There are issues with normal expeditions too. Waiting for your final fix, as a workaround, especially when someone is joining an already started expedition, would it be possible to spawn at the n-1 portal instead ?