Kay Update now live!

    • This update was more for that quick infusion I think. Lots came to fight for the territory resets and that seems like it may reccur with the resets. I hear whispers that pve may get some love so some of us are awaiting the return of fun fame farming. As long as its in the open world I'll check it out. So maybe we'll hear more about that soon.

      The newest dgs (3 to 5person and 4 to 5 person blues) are pretty awesome. They both seem suitable for some minor solo cherry picking which lets you head out there solo and find groups pretty easily in dungeon. The rewards are nnot as good as expedition but its a great step.

      Whats up with expeditions being so OP though? We really should not have t6 fame in blue zones. Its too much and detracts from real dgs (which we still need more of).