Dead Horse

  • I sincerely apologize for kicking a dead horse! Yet I need to vent while making some suggestions. With Joseph and Kay available on official launch I certainly wouldn't haven made the choices I've made.
    In my defense, I'm a purist build kinda of player with a bit of OCD who loves the rush of any game on launch.
    With a rough start due to lag and my main character being completely locked on a title in a starter region I was force to make a new character and from there all just went sour. I deviated from my build and plan, spent gold on premium, etc.
    I eventually lost interest in the game due to the mess I've made. (I played beta, and it wouldn't have saved me)
    In the end I have myself to blame, but if there was only 1 character per account it wouldn't have happened and a lot of other shenanigans with negative effects neither.

    I'll bring this to an end with my next statement.

    Purely speculative; I think a lot of people left the game due to boredom and I can't speak for others, but I personally wouldn't come back to play catch as interesting and cool the new changes may be and me possibly not even really having OCD.
    I'm sure some would argue it's not hard to reach t8 (blah blah blah), that's alright.

    -Full Wipe
    -1 character per account

    It was fun while it lasted.