Albion first impressions & suggestions

  • Albion first impressions & suggestions

    Hi there,

    At the beginning I must say that I have just started with this Winter Alpha and that I am aware that it is alpha still, so there is plenty things that will change before the actual release, but couple of things came to my attention mostly in regards to class and skills and some other stuff that I recon could made a game bit easier to manage between the alliance and guild itself.
    In regards to the class model I recon some are very broken like :

    - Archer i played him just for a little while and not to a very high tier but imho, he should have insta slow with CD(lets say 40% 5 sec slow with cd 10 sec) instead of cast time. They are totally useless in pvp and its a shame as many would love to play with the bow, probably including myself. Another major issue is his lack of kite due to game control mechanics so maybe there could be some pet tank option to be introduced ? of course to raise it in kennels or something. In general good model of skills would be insta CC(slow\stun\root) with CD on it, one medium DMG skill insta cast with DoT and CD on it, and one high dmg skill with 2,5 sec - 3 sec cast on it (can be interrupted by stun or sleep or whatever u guys want to come up with).

    - Druid is another class i think is very weak to play in pvp and not fun atm. My first issue with it is lack of survivability. Why this barrier skill has a cast time? It should be insta with CD. No one wants to use it if it's not needed and when it is you get a setbacks from mobs/enemy players hitting you.It is rubbish. It should be emergency shield to survive the heat of the moment also why cast time on heal ? There should be one insta heal (30%-40% hp) with 7-10 sec CD use as an emergency and one with let say 1,5sec - 2 sec cast time (10%hp +10%hp HoT over 5 sec maybe stackable two times on target ?)

    - Tanks are pretty fun to play as they are. The only thing i could think of that could be heaps fun would be some sort of shield wall skill(on shield) that once is on reduce tanks movement speed but reduce dmg taken of tank and everyone behind him by 50%?, also once shield wall active tank cannot use other special attacks (autoattack only) no one from the enemy can run past the tank unless tank is killed or shield wall is down shield wall maybe could cost like 1mana per sec ? If you think about it that way game would become more tactical. Flanking would become very important part of the tactics to bypass the dmg debuff.

    Now I would like to suggest some sort of a set bonus for wearing full sets that would encourage wearing them and would be stronger by tier obviously :) that may help not having lads in plate armour vanishing in thin air (using leather hood). Another thing maybe there could be some sort of bonus to stats for every adventurer tier accomplished (i am thinking hp and mana 4% - %10 per tier ?), so that way even when we die and put on lower level armour it would kinda made it bit on our favour when fighting someone with equal gear but less experienced? After all wouldn't that be a factor on a battlefield? Isn't the experience what matters most? Gear comes and goes in Albion ,so please Devs give us some stats bonus for chopping all the wood and picking all the stone :) .
    Couple of other issues:
    - loot roll for dungeons and pvp kills (in zerg whoever of the alliance raid got the frag has the right to loot) ,possibly master loot option

    - to be able to rotate the camera, that would be a great help.

    - to be able to "tab" nearest target and not just target by clicking on something once. It is very frustrating to move around just by the fact you gonna kill a rabbit or hit a wolf or whatever decides to get in your path. One time clicking on something should mark target the way the most game works. We have the right to know if we want to attack it :).

    Now this one is bit of a stretch but what if we could take hostages ? Guilds that own mines,forest things etc. The way i see it work is once player is down there is an option along with the ones that are now to be held captive (Grayed out if guilds don't own mines). Captured players would have to farm 2 nodes (22 pieces) of the highest tier possible for them to farm starting on t3 maybe? To reward them maybe they would lost just half of the gear they wearing plus all the bags equipment? That would be heaps fun hehe. One last thing would be an in game calendar that could made it easier to co-ordinate and create the events between alliance, guild and players similar model like the one in WoW. Anyway let me know guys what you think. These are just my thoughts, well we discussed it among the guildies on TS. I found that many agrees with me on things i mentioned that's why I decided to share it further.

    Kind Regards,
    Blackadder of Scoia'Tael

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  • 2 more things I forgot to mention in the topic above:

    1) Why in the world do we have to pay silver for planting carrots and such ? I thought we do owe the land that we are farming on, and we do own the seeds already, so stop being greedy devs!!! and don't make it a facebook grinder please. If you do want to charge for it however please give us a choice of having an npc perhaps? or maybe other players that we would give rights to take care of our fields for small amount of silver? This game has a potential to be so much more.

    2)Skeleton mages- AoE/Stun skill is very OP and I have nothing against it, if only it would be interruptible, maybe try to put like a 1,5 sec cast on it? That way you would reward people who try to use stuns and game mechanics and punish the one who doesn't I understand that tank has cleanse skill that gets him out of it but seriously skill of such power should have a cast time.

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