[28.11.17] Testserver Patch Notes - Kay - Updated 29.11.

    • [28.11.17] Testserver Patch Notes - Kay - Updated 29.11.


      • GvG Seasons
        • Earn points for your Guild by holding resource territories and castles
        • Points from resource territories come from Siphoning Mages, which can be killed to steal their benefits
        • Points also grant Siphoned Energy tokens, which can be used in Caerleon to create Runes, Souls and Relics...
        • ...or in the crafting of new Battle Mounts, including Mammoths and Basilisks, with powerful active abilities
        • Resource territories periodically have ownership resets throughout the season, and claiming them back requires you to drive out the vengeful guardians of Albion, who resent Guilds stealing their power
        • Guilds earn rankings throughout the season, leading to a final placement in a bracket - Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Crystal - at the end of the season
        • Guild logos throughout the UI gain special borders to reflect your recent performance
        • The Guild with the highest total at the end of the season gains permanent recognition on their Guild logo, and has their Guild banner displayed prominently in Caerleon for the duration of the next season
        • In support of this feature, resource territory layouts have been adjusted; the GvG-relevant features remain consistent, but the towers have been moved to specially set-up platforms in the corners of the territories
        • See this forum post for more information
      • Hardcore Expeditions
        • Mobs throughout the world now drop special numbered tokens
        • These can be used to start a Hardcore Expedition, of the level specified on the token - provided you have a full group to run them with!
        • If you complete a given level within a set time, you'll gain a token for the next-highest level for you to try your luck at
        • The higher the level of the Hardcore Expedition, the higher the difficulty - and the higher the reward!
      • Level 3 Artifact Weapons
        • Level 3 artifact weapons can now be crafted, filling out the full selection of artifact weapons
        • The artifacts themselves drop from the same places lower-level artifacts can be found
        • Relics will also drop from the same places as Souls and Runes, and can be used to meld into level 3 artifacts
        • Relics can be transmuted in the usual way
      • Performance Improvements
        • Made extensive optimizations to the rendering of effects - most importantly, the graphical effects created by equipment abilities, of which there can be many in large engagements. Internal testing shows noticeable improvements in client-side performance in large fights as a result of this
        • Our optimization gurus are now moving on to look at server-side performance issues
      • Guild Member Details
        • New screen accessible via Guild Members tab
        • Compare yourself to other Guild Members in different categories:
          • Tax contribution
          • Silver balance
          • Constructions contribution
          • Food contribution
          • Gathering Fame
          • Crafting Fame
          • PvE Fame
          • PvP Fame
          • GvG Participation
        • Take a look at some of the activities of your Guild Members over this week, last week or all-time
        • Copy the data via a button press and paste it in your own documents for further management
      • Tutorial Improvements
        • Extended tutorial now takes place in the regions around each starter town

      • Expedition Checkpoints
        • The Royal Expeditionary Forces improved their understanding of the ancient Teleportation magic and are now able to place special magical triggers in the expedition areas.
        • Should an adventurer come close to one of those triggers the beacon is activated; in the case of subsequent defeat the adventurer no longer has to start from the beginning, but instead begins at the last-activated beacon.
        • Furthermore if the Expeditionary Forces supply a party with new adventurers, they will start from the active beacon too.
      • Anti-Leashing Mechanic
        • If a group of mobs is aggressed together, they will also now reset together if any one mob resets
      • Territory Evacuation
        • If a home territory (ie, one with building slots) is conquered through GvG, there is now a grace period of three days before ownership changes hands
        • This, along with the existing ability to deconstruct buildings to recover most of their resources, gives Guilds who lose their home territory a chance to get out with most of their investment intact
        • Because losing a home territory is now significantly less punishing, the Defender Bonus has been reduced to a flat 5% in all cases
      • Holiday Decorations
        • The winter holidays are approaching, and the keen citizens of Albion are already putting up decorations in preparation for the coming celebrations!
      • A Fistful of Silver
        • This Tier 6 group expedition will lead you into the middle of a Heretic raid on a Royal town. The Royals get wind of the Heretics' plan to hijack a silver courier as he passes through, and decide to turn the tables and send an elite group to ambush the gang. Rumor has it that the Shadowmask and his lieutenants are leading the raid, so be on your guard...
      • A new rare mount has been added at T7, the Swamp Dragon Mount; they can be grown from pups dropped by swamp dragons
      • Steppe and Mountain regions have a new GvG map layout
      • Added a worldmap political view: you can now see the world colored according to either which Guild or which Alliance controls each area
      • Fast Travel UI now shows your current position (except when on islands)
      • All farming activities should now auto-dismount you
      • Hotkeys have been added to select party members 6-20
      • Tracked achievements for each character are now saved server-side, so should never get lost/reset
      • Decreased the time it takes for nametags to fade in when appearing at the edges of the screen
      • A new T4 Undead dungeon, Trinity Hall, has been added at various locations in the world
      • Video volume is now controlled by music volume
      • Settings UI now remembers which category you were last in
      • Added a hotkey to open Social UI (default 'O')
      • Improved the player-player trading UI, and increased number of stacks supported from 6 to 8
      • Gold market UI has been improved
      • Frying now sounds delicious
      • Added a confirmation window when claiming buildings
      • Added a confirmation warning when solo-joining a group expedition queue while in a group
      • Adjusted the layout of various mountain regions, as well as some edges and exit areas elsewhere, to solve problematic gameplay issues. This will result in players out in the world being moved to a nearby region exit on first login, to prevent collision issues
      • Territories will no longer reset their nutrition level when claimed, and will continue to lose nutrition while unclaimed. If you claim a territory that has no nutrition left, you have a five minute grace period to add some before it becomes unclaimed again
      • T4 Undead General open-world boss now gives more warning before it Grips you, and its Sweeping Strike has had its damage reduced
      • Necromancer open-world boss should now be clearer to understand, and has had its abilities adjusted
      • Obsessed Fang (of "Three Sisters" fame), is now more obsessive in terms of who she targets, which should make the early stages of the fight less confusing
      • Undead Mage's Frost Explosion now casts slightly faster, but lasts 2 seconds less
      • Warcamp defenses during GvGs will now kill you rather than knocking you down
      • Increased base walk speed of all mounts by 0.48 meters per second
      • GvG capture points are now neutral at the start of battles, rather than being owned by the defender
      • Once a Guild has no more Gold in their account, the relevant area of the UI will be removed
      • Claiming a territory now requires a 15 second channel, similar to siege camps
      • There is no longer a 2 minute delay on claiming territories after entering a new region
      Balance Changes

      • Reworked Diminishing Returns:
        • Every crowd control effect now has its own Diminishing Return, i.e. stuns only diminish the duration of subsequent stuns, silence only of silences, etc.
        • With this change, slows will trigger Diminishing Returns again.
      • Channeled Movement abilities can now be cancelled by pressing the button again. (i.e. Whirlwind, Hurricane, Block, Focused Run can be manually cancelled)
      Cursed Staffs:
      • Grudge:
        • Grudge no longer applies Vile Curses, but now has its own separate DoT
        • The new Grudge DoT has its first tick after 1s
        • The new DoT can be stacked up to 6 times
        • Duration: 6s -> 10s
        • Cooldown: 15s -> 20s
        • Energy cost: 4 -> 7
      • Area of Decay
        • Now removes 1 healing stack per tick (so Nature Rejuvenation stacks get reduced by one with each tick, for example).
      • Sunder Armor:
        • Cooldown: 3s -> 2s
        • Energy cost: 5 -> 4
        • Armor reduction: 0.05 -> 0.04
      • Assassin Spirit:
        • Now decreases armor by a flat 4% (per stack), independent of the weapon's Item Power
      • Shadow Edge:
        • The spell now stuns, instead of rooting
        • The player is now invulnerable during the pull.
        • Now only hits enemies - can no longer be used on allies
      • Devastating Strike:
        • Now purges on the first hit, instead of the second hit
      Fire Staffs:
      • Fire Bolt:
        • Cast time: 1.5s -> 1s
        • Energy cost: 5 -> 4
        • Instant damage: 120.83 -> 89.51
        • First burn damage after: 1s -> 0s
        • Base DoT damage: 10.29 -> 5.72
        • Number of ticks: 3 -> 5
        • The DoT now stacks up to 5 times
      Frost Staffs:
      • Frost Bolt:
        • Damage: 96.67 -> 87.52
        • Slow strength: 20% -> 25%
      • Knockout:
        • Doubled sleep duration vs mobs
      • Snare Charge:
        • Doubled root duration vs mobs
      Quarter Staffs:
      • Cartwheel:
        • Cast range: 4m -> 8m
        • Cooldown: 6s -> 5s
      • Forceful Swing:
        • Debuff duration: 5s -> 8s
        • Against mobs: now also reduces attack speed
      • Spear attack speed: 1.0 -> 1.1 (auto attack DPS stays the same)
      • Glaive attack speed: 1.1 -> 0.9 (auto attack DPS stays the same)
      • Heron Spear attack speed: 1.0 -> 1.1 (auto attack DPS stays the same)

      • Reckless Charge:
        • Knock up time: 0.4s -> 0.6s
        • Jump time: 0.73s -> 0.61s
      • Mighty Swing:
        • Hit delay: 0.4s → 0.2s
        • Stand time: 0s -> 0.3s
      • Taunt:
        • Additional aggro creation around the caster: 100 -> 200

      • Inferno Shield:
        • Armor increase: 0.30 -> 0.25
      • Smokebomb:
        • Hit delay: 0s -> 0.4s
        • Total duration: 4s -> 4.6s

      • Hush:
        • The target is now silenced 1s after it was attacked.
      • Poison Potions:
        • % based Damage has been replaced by fix amount of true damage per tick.
      • Fixed an issue where casting bars were blocking ground-targeted abilities
      • Heroic Strike stacks are now added at the start of the ability that creates them, not at the end
      • Fixed an issue where targets that were immune to crowd control took no damage from the Bash Knee ability
      • Fixed an issue where the Protection of the Fiends ability would affect more than five friendly characters
      • Fixed an issue where the Deflecting Spin ability was not locked until Mastery Level 40 as it should have been
      • Fixed an issue where the Energy Beam ability was not locked until Mastery Level 50 as it should have been
      • Fixed an issue where the Power Geyser ability was not affecting group members on the Royal Continent (and flagging you as criminal if you tried)
      • Fixed an issue where passive abilities that stacked charges on auto attacks were not always activating on the correct attack
      • Fixed region names for Eternal Battle and Three Sisters expeditions
      • Fixed a visual issue with Keeper Cultivator's projectiles
      • Fixed a very small rounding issue with LP gain (30 days was granting 599 rather than 600)
      • Fixed an issue where the crafting UI could jitter under certain circumstances
      • Fixed Caerleon Realmgate showing up in the wrong spot on the fast travel UI
      • Gave the Arena building its own clustermap icon
      • Various terrain fixes and improvements
      • Various audio fixes and improvements
      Losing my insanity would mean I'm losing everything: the dreams where I can fly.

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    • What the reason of the changes when in the end noone will be left playing because you can HOT FIX THE BROKEN GRUDGE .

      You bleeding players every day and everyone ask you to hot fix it right way and you delay waiting Christmas.

      good change on the fire mage but frost should remain same as you doing it now is making the fire too strong compare to frost so everyone has to grind from frost to fire.
    • Can someone explain it better please?

      • Spear attack speed: 1.0 -> 1.1 (auto attack DPS stays the same)
      • Glaive attack speed: 1.1 -> 0.9 (auto attack DPS stays the same)
      • Heron Spear attack speed: 1.0 -> 1.1 (auto attack DPS stays the same)"

        I mean, it will atk a fewer times but deal more damage?

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    • Retroman schrieb:

      This time we will probably do another combat balance patch shortly after Kay hits the live server. So we can react to spells / weapons, which are too strong or still too weak. Just to make sure we don't end up with another Grudge situation.

      Can you expand a little bit on the Fire Q changes?

      • Fire Bolt:
        • Cast time: 1.5s -> 1s
        • Energy cost: 5 -> 4
        • Instant damage: 120.83 -> 89.51
        • First burn damage after: 1s -> 0s
        • Base DoT damage: 10.29 -> 5.72
        • Number of ticks: 3 -> 5
        • The DoT now stacks up to 5 times
      Why are you pushing the weapon into the realm of DoT play, and leveling the base dmg to be exactly the same as the more useful(now nerfed) Frost Q? Wouldn't a cast time of 1.25/1.3 and a slight dmg BUFF line up better against the Frost's aggressive caster spam? That was always the problem with the comparison, with Frost cast speed making it a clear winner over the Fire's slower cast, allowing it to constantly push the castbar back.

      After nearly 2 years with the various Fire weapons, the play style change is super strange to me, and I cannot imagine people with 10+mil Fame in the line would be too happy either. Leave the dots to curse IMO, and give us that high burst base we are used to.

      @Retroman Thanks for the consideration.
    • Talion schrieb:

      Frost Staffs:

      Frost Bolt:

      Damage: 96.67 -> 87.52

      Slow strength: 20% -> 25%

      what people play in 1 hand frost instead of you nerf the 1 hand frost its base dmg or its E you nerf the Q making the hellgate artifact even more useless.

      what about the glacial staff why its been nerfed ? noone use it needs buff but you instead nerf the Q.

      Still the fire staff buff is good but it shouldnt erase frost right now you making fire too strong compare to the frost
    • Albion__Offline schrieb:

      Gank schrieb:

      Bluerose13x schrieb:

      Where are the zones where "zerging will be impossible"?
      Where is fishing?

      Where is new content other than MORE instanced expeditions.

      And more nerfs to ganking (mount walk speed, nametag appearances).

      I am extremely disappointed.
      You can't be serious. Fishing? None of that is important.

      Gank schrieb:

      You can't be serious. Fishing? None of that is important.
      what is important is that they add more expeditions and they killing the sandbox aspect of the game even more
      Instead of focusing on something that would directly affect the openworld population (fishing, new dungeons, new mobs, new areas, anything), they have created more instanced content and focused on polishing this instanced content. Those efforts would have been better served concentrated on openworld content. Anything in the openworld is better than instanced content. Some of us have been waiting since release for more openworld content. Now we must wait another 3-4 months? This patch brings nothing to the same players who had nothing before. More instanced content. More GvG. No thanks. I'm out.