Make it so Right Click Only Moves

    • Make it so Right Click Only Moves

      As the title says the right click should always move you even if you click on loot, or an NPC. There have been a number of times I get hit by an AoE not because I don't see it but because I go to move and accidentally click on an NPC which causes my character to select them and stand still opposed to just moving. Also had this happen while chasing people in the open world and I accidentally click on a rhino or rabbit which just causes you to suddenly stop.

      Please make the RTS setup so that rightclicking ignores everything except the terrain. It should also ignore resource nodes.

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    • Kezia wrote:

      just use classic controls: rightclick movement all day
      Yes, however left-clicking terrain, resource nodes, or objects while using Classic Controls also causes character movement. When attempting to select a target at range, misclicking the terrain causes your character to move towards the location. Any undesired character movement is less than ideal since positioning is so important in this game.

      When using Classic Controls, we need the ability to select a target without mistakenly moving towards the target. Alternatively, when using RTS-like Controls, we need the ability to select a movement destination without mistakenly selecting players, NPCs, resource nodes, or objects near the destination.

      Both right and left mouse buttons cause character movement when using Classic Controls and RTS-like Controls. Perhaps remove character movement from left click of Classic Control mode? Or perhaps make right click of RTS-like Controls only apply for character movement as the original poster suggested? <3 :)
    • Bump.

      Please make this an option. RTS-like controls is unusable because RMB is not *move only*. It makes me eat aoes that my brain and fingers have reacted to and dodged (mentally) but the game does not realize my muscle memory but rather starts attacking a different target.

      Just please please make RMB in RTS-like controls mode be move only, or add an option for it.
    • I have been creating suggestion to this since 2016 - it boils down to "Mouse-Clicks do to many things unintendet in various situations"
      Wereas its not important if its left or right click (which is a case of what you prefer personally), but a clear seperation is needed ...

      I personally just don't want :

      • to select a friend when I actually want to attack an enemy
      • to gather a resource when I want to move
      • interact with the environment when I want to attack
      ... you get the point. I want to decide by choosing my button on what I want to do ...


      Left-Click to :
      • Walk to (as it is now) but never select anything nor gather.
      • Attack only red enemys or mobs
      Right-click :
      • Select a resource or gather it
      • Select a mob or friendly player to look at it
      • open chest and interact (with chests for example)

      OP request would be a good first step !